Written by arturo-soto

Arturo Soto is part of our Smart Money Service Design team, where he is working as a product manager for Mint. His role involves helping to improve our product so that our customers get the maximum benefit and have the opportunity to prosper.

Prior to joining Intuit, Arturo started his career in corporate accounting. After careful consideration, he decided to leave his job and focus his efforts on obtaining his CPA certification. He started working with a brick-and-mortar tax preparation company, and soon found out about the opportunities for remote tax experts at Intuit.

Arturo was invited to become one of the first client-facing experts on the new Mint Live team. Working on Mint Live has enabled him to move beyond tax expertise to become proficient at providing broader financial planning advice.

In recent months, Arturo has taken a step away from customer calls to tackle a new challenge—helping influence the overall direction of the Mint Live service as a service designer. As always, Intuit provided the training and support he needed to step into this new role, including helping him achieve certification as an Agile PM. He’s never been so excited about his future, and he knows there’s no limit to what he can achieve at Intuit.

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