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“We the Prosperous” – Meet Ann

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Every Intuit customer has their own unique story. Along each of their journeys, they find passion, share advice, take risks, celebrate success, and form a community of their own.

From small business owners, to the self-employed and those simply seeking ways to be more financially savvy – we’re here to be a part of each story and champion our customers as they take steps forward on their path to prosperity. Hear how the power of many comes together to support the business of one with #WeTheProsperous.

Meet Ann Truong. A self-employed real estate investor and a user of QuickBooks Self-Employed. She enjoys the flexibility and creativity of running her own business, prioritizes quality time with family and friends, all while defining prosperity on her own terms.


Intuit: Ann, what are some of your goals for the upcoming year?

Ann: I usually try to find 2-3 properties to work on each year. In my role, I purchase homes and rent them out as long-term rentals or buy them, tear them down, and rebuild the homes. Then I make a decision whether I keep the property as a long-term rental or put it back on the market.

Each time I get to do something slightly different and creative, which is very fulfilling and makes me excited about every project.

Intuit: Best of luck with those goals! Really excited to see how those projects turn out. When you’re thinking about what you want to accomplish, who are you inspired by?

Ann: My children inspire me. They make me want to be a better person. My children are a constant reminder to lead by example. I’m not perfect but I strive to be my best, to be honest and kind, to be unselfish and giving, to express gratitude and love, and to be a good role model.

Intuit: Love those reminders – something we should all keep in mind. What do you wish someone had told you before you started your self-employed journey?

Ann: It can be lonely navigating through the ups and downs of managing your own business, but look for people who will help you through that journey. Choose those people wisely and surround yourself with those who genuinely love others and who have a strong moral compass. Build that support structure and lean on them as needed. It is that support structure that will help you rise to the top, but more importantly, will be your foundation during the tough times.

Intuit: Support is definitely key. Based on your experience, what advice to you have for other folks looking to start their own business?

Ann: Trust yourself!

If you have done your homework, know the competition, understand the market need, and have analyzed the numbers, then you have what it takes to succeed. Every experience is a learning opportunity. If something doesn’t work out as planned, adjust quickly and get back on your feet.

Intuit: It’s always good to bounce back and trust your instincts. What’s been the most surprising and challenging part of building your business?

Ann: I have been surprised with my ability to learn to do whatever it takes. In all areas of my businesses, most things I’ve done have been self-taught. I’ve always been taught to find what you are good at and focus on developing that area. However, in running your own business, it’s beneficial to be a jack of all trades.   

The most challenging part has always been being able to manage growth.

Intuit: Who do you lean on for support? Who do you go to for questions about your business?

Ann: I’ve been lucky to have some amazing people in my life. I have a couple people in my life that I have known since childhood who I lean on for support, advice, and to share ideas with. Over the years, they have extended their network to me as needed to help me navigate through my challenges or questions about things related to my business.

Intuit: Friends helping friends – that sounds like a solid network. And Intuit is proud to be a part of that community of support as well! What initially drew you to QuickBooks?

Ann: I’ve always seen Intuit as the leader in small business, personal finance, and tax software. When I started my own business, it was a natural response to go with the leader. I can’t imagine using anything else.

Intuit: Other than QuickBooks, what are some of your prosperity hacks that help you feel successful each day?


  1. It takes resilience and grit to get through the ups and downs of running your own business.
  2. Surround yourself with people who fill your bucket.
  3. Conduct yourself with integrity. Lots of people bury their heads in the sand when it comes to doing the right thing in their personal and professional lives. Commit to doing right by others and you will be rewarded tenfold.

Intuit: Words to live by! Thanks for sharing all of these stories, hacks, and pieces of advice.

Find out more about Ann’s path and her definition of prosperity below.

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