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Attending QuickBooks Connect? Check Out Our Emerging Tech Showcase

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The right technology can improve how you do business. That’s why our team is constantly experimenting with new and emerging platforms — from virtual reality (VR) to voice-activated user interfaces — to see how these technologies can provide real customer benefits in the future.  This week at QuickBooks Connect, we are demonstrating for attendees a smorgasbord of cutting-edge technologies in our emerging tech showcase.

Among the demos are:

  • Smart Mirror. With the Internet of Things, what we traditionally think of as a connected “device” is changing. Imagine a mirror with the QBO interface and built-in voice activation, so you can get real-time information on your financials while you’re getting ready in the morning. The technology could live on your car dashboard or refrigerator. The possibilities are endless.
  • Emotion Detection. Can machines gain emotion intelligence by reading facial expressions? We’ve set up an experiment that analyzes your emotions using image analysis and machine learning. We’re exploring the technology as a way to personalize user experiences to better serve customers.
  • VR. Businesses across many industries are getting creative on how to use this technology to connect with customers and employees. By one estimate, 171 million people could be using VR hardware and software globally by 2018. Come try on an HTC Vive headset so you can get a taste of what the VR buzz is all about.
  • Immersive Design. Imagine if product designers could walk around, through and inside their virtual, true-to-scale prototypes. Or if architects could step inside their blueprints and take a look around. VR has opened up a whole new medium for artists and designers. Used with a VR headset, applications like Google’s Tilt Brush let painters step inside a virtual 3D world where space is the canvas and drip-free paint strokes can be viewed from all angles. Come watch our featured Intuit designers paint or try it for yourself at one of our VR stations.
  • Mixed Reality (MR). Where VR puts you inside a virtual world, MR places virtual elements into the “real” environment around you. Imagine if clients could see a kitchen remodel in their home before construction begins? Or if customers could visualize a new sofa in their living room before making a purchase? Get a glimpse of what this nascent technology can do through Microsoft HoloLens.

How would you leverage these new technologies to power your business?

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