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Intuit’s Commitments to the Cloud-Native Community Continue with Two More Major Milestones

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Intuit and Red Hat join forces to make Argo the standard for GitOps in enterprise deployments:

Argo Project was open sourced by Intuit and is actively used in production by over 150 organizations, including Adobe, Alibaba Cloud, Data Dog, Datastax, Google, GitHub, IBM, NVIDIA, SAP, Tesla, Ticketmaster, and Volvo. In April 2020, Argo became a CNCF Incubating project.

Today, I am also very excited to announce that Intuit and Red Hat have joined forces to collaborate on Argo CD, a declarative continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes deployments.

Now that Argo is part of CNCF and we have so many enterprise users leveraging Argo in production deployments, it is time to collaborate with companies like Red Hat, a leader in open source technologies and communities, to set up open governance for long-term project growth.

Red Hat will work with Intuit and other community members to expand the Argo project to encompass a broader range of corporate and individual contributors.

Argo is a set of Kubernetes-native tools for running and managing jobs and applications on Kubernetes and consists of four sub-projects, including:

  • Argo Workflows – Container native workflow engine for Kubernetes supporting both DAG and step-based workflows.
  • Argo Events – Events-based dependency manager for Kubernetes.
  • Argo CD – Provides declarative GitOps-based continuous deployment of any Kubernetes resource, including Argo Events, services, and deployments across multiple Kubernetes clusters.
  • Argo Rollouts – Provides declarative GitOps-based progressive delivery strategies such as canary, blue-green, and more general forms of experimentation.

You can read details in this press release.

Intuit becomes a CNCF Gold member:

Intuit, the makers of TurboTax, QuickBooks, and Mint, and an active member of the cloud-native community joined CNCF in January 2018 as a Silver End User member. Intuit deploys numerous CNCF projects in production including Kubernetes, Prometheus, FluentD, Jaeger, Open Policy Agent, and Argo to build a modern development platform in public cloud to accelerate developer productivity.

Deploying cloud-native technology within our environment has been very beneficial as we continue to drive innovation in the financial services industry to power prosperity for our customers. Today, we are renewing our commitment to the CNCF by renewing  our membership to Gold level. You can read more about it in this press release.