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Every Small Business Deserves a Thousand Experts on its Side

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With remote work becoming more commonplace, it’s more important than ever to understand the power of professional community to help you reach your career goals. Although many of us no longer share a physical space with our co-workers, there are still great opportunities for collaboration, community, and professional support to be found online. In my case, becoming an Intuit bookkeeping expert has helped me gain invaluable new experience with the support of thousands of professionals by my side.

Making the most of mentors

I’ve always liked working with numbers, learning how they can help us organize things and keep them in balance. When I became aware of bookkeeping it seemed like a natural fit for me, because it focused on these same ideas. I started my bookkeeping career working for an experienced CPA. Having a one-on-one mentor was invaluable, and she eventually offered me guidance on how to start my own business. I was off to a good start. But as I gained new clients from a wider range of industries, I quickly realized that I needed more support to help me evolve professionally alongside my growing business.

A new way to work

Through my work I became familiar with QuickBooks Live and the Intuit expert platform. The idea of helping Intuit customers remotely from my home office seemed like a fun way to gain experience while I continued to serve my existing clients. I applied for a position and was hired. From my first day it was apparent that Intuit really cares about their employees. By the time I had completed my training sessions, I was confident I had a team of managers, leads, and colleagues who would provide support when I needed it. My first days on the job left me with a very singular feeling–“this is a place I want to be.”

Joining Intuit has given me the flexibility to design my career to fit my life. I can choose my schedule, and scale my hours to meet the needs of my family and my other clients. As a mother of school-age children in an especially unpredictable year, that flexibility has made all of the difference.

Being part of a national network of bookkeepers with such a diverse range of expertise has changed the way I work. We have a team Slack channel with hundreds of bookkeepers, team leads, and managers available anytime I need advice. Being able to ask a question and knowing that there’s always someone on my team who knows the answer helps me learn faster and serve my clients better. Weekly team meetings and monthly training sessions on a variety of topics strengthens our community and helps us sharpen our skills. My team even gets together for virtual monthly brunches, where we all just have breakfast together and chat.

Making an impact

So many businesses have been affected by economic uncertainty this year. People need assistance with their finances to navigate this challenging business environment, and being an Intuit expert has enabled me to use my skills to help more people than ever. Being able to clean up my clients’ books so they are ready to apply for loans and assistance has been especially rewarding. I can literally hear the relief in their voices when I’m done, and I know I’ve made a real difference in their lives. It’s a truly great feeling.

A rewarding path

Joining a supportive and vibrant professional network has impacted every aspect of my business and my career. Having the tools and resources to help so many customers from a wide variety of industries has given me new skills, and a new confidence in myself. I feel more empowered as a person, a business owner, and a bookkeeper, and I’m building stronger connections with my clients. Above all I’ve learned that finding a professional community can help get you closer to your goals, and make work a more rewarding part of your life.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming an Intuit expert, check out their career site.