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Thank You! Employee Reviews Bring Intuit Ten Awards

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Intuit has been recognized on ten ‘best-of’ award lists in 2017 stemming from employee reviews and ratings. At Intuit, employee happiness is a top priority and based off of these awards, we are happy to say we continue to be a place where employees enjoy coming to work everyday.


Everyone Recruits at Intuit – and Reviews Matter

As the premier source for job hunters, sites like Glassdoor, Comparably, and Fortune’s partner Great Place to Work, are where job-seekers can find first-hand accounts from employees of what it’s like to work at a company. These sites’ comprehensive data on insights into work culture, a critical decision-maker when reviewing a potential employers, make them a key tool for people when deciding if they want to work at a company.


These awards recognize employers that shine brightest according to those who know a company best – the employees, “The values and culture of [Intuit] are role modeled from the top down. We are inspired by our leaders to do our best; to care about our customers, products, and community; and to be leaders at every role and position in the company,” according to an employee review on Great Place to Work.


Intuit is over the moon to be featured on ten of these sites’ best-of lists:


Fortune’s partner Great Place to Work surveyed more than 400,000 employees to compile this list of best parent-friendly companies. Intuit made the list for its flexible schedules, generous leave policies, on-site daycare, and more. An Intuit parent explains, “I am a new mom, and the accommodation [at Intuit] has been amazing. My boss is flexible and encouraging, while also pushing me to continue to grow my career. Often I hear working moms talking about a boss who does one or the other, rarely both.”


Thank You

To be featured on these sites’ best-of lists is an honor for Intuit. We regularly encourage employees to submit annual reviews so that we are providing future employees an accurate view of what it is like to be a member of the Intuit team. We would like to say a big thank you to the many Intuit employees who make Intuit one of the best places to work – these awards are dedicated to you!

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