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Reimagining your accounting and finance career with Mint Live

IntuitLife Arturo Soto working remotely at Intuit

When I started my finance career, I assumed I’d have to compromise in order to succeed. I didn’t think I could build my own practice without sacrificing financial stability. And I thought I’d have to work in a large corporate setting if I wanted to get the experience I needed. After several years in the industry I’ve found a new career path that gives me the freedom to pursue my professional passions and the tools to grow my expertise faster than ever before.

Working remotely on the Mint Live team at Intuit—the company behind TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint, and Credit Karma—I’m part of a supportive, mission-driven team that helps give millions of customers around the world the opportunity to prosper. I’m now able to help more people than ever before, and I’m continually adding new skills and expanding my professional capabilities. By sharing what I’ve learned, I hope I can help others understand the exciting opportunities that are available in the new financial ecosystem.

Getting on track

I started my career in corporate accounting and soon identified tax preparation work as an area that would help me evolve my career. After careful consideration I decided to leave my job and focus my efforts on obtaining my CPA certification. I started working with a brick and mortar tax preparation company, and soon found out about the opportunities for remote tax experts at Intuit. I was offered a position at Intuit and joined the team.

Becoming an Intuit tax expert was a transformational move from day one. I was able to work with many more customers than ever before, from a much wider spectrum of backgrounds, locations, and financial situations. I enjoyed the reliability of a full-time position while getting the experience, training, and freedom to grow my own practice. And I was able to use the best software and tools in the industry, both at Intuit and in my private practice.

More ways to help

When Intuit was preparing to launch the Mint Live service, I was invited to become one of the first client-facing experts on the new team. Working on Mint Live has enabled me to move beyond tax expertise to become proficient at providing broader financial planning advice. My training as a Mint Live expert has extended my overall skill set and allowed me to become more effective in my private practice as well.

Many of our customers assume they can’t afford to discuss their finances with a real CPA or CFP, and that only wealthy people can access professional financial advice. They’re so excited when they discover they’re able to talk to an expert through Mint. I’m able to help people renegotiate their insurance, make a plan to repay their debts, improve their credit score, become eligible for a mortgage, and so much more.

During the pandemic many of our customers found themselves suddenly unemployed or in other pressing financial situations. By helping them understand their options and discover available financial help, I know I’ve made a real difference in their lives. And the gratitude I’ve received in return has been so rewarding. Because our service is affordable and easy to access through our app, my customers were able to get assistance they probably wouldn’t have otherwise found.

In recent months I’ve taken a step away from customer calls to tackle a new challenge—helping influence the overall direction of the Mint Live service as a service designer. As always, Intuit provided the training and support I needed to step into this new role, including helping me achieve certification as an Agile PM. I’ve never been so excited about my future and I know there’s no limit to what I can achieve at Intuit.

Your turn

Whether you’re a seasoned financial professional or just starting your career, there’s no need to compromise in order to get ahead. You don’t have to choose between a full-time job or starting your own practice. Your career can offer exciting new challenges every day. And you can make a huge impact on people’s lives, while still making a great living. How can you get started? Take a look at the tax, accounting, and financial expert opportunities at Intuit today.