#GirlOnFire: The Song Behind “A Giant Story”

Intuit Brand, Powering Prosperity Girl on Fire

You’ve watched the film. You’ve met Pete, Pari, and the Intuit Giant. Now, learn about #GirlOnFire, the song behind our story.

A Giant Story centers on Pari, an engineer with an amazing mind and a big heart.

Our creative team behind the film knew that the song needed to live up to her spirit and amplify her impact on the world. We knew it had to be moving, inspiring, and special, both in tone and in lyrics. Not an easy task.

After listening to more than 500 tracks from every decade and genre, we kept returning to one song: “Man on Fire”, by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Musically it had the right cadence of ups and downs, lyrically it had conviction and determination.

We needed an anthem for a Girl on Fire to honor Pari, our inventor and hero of “A Giant Story.”  It’s not unusual for brands to use covers of popular songs for commercial purposes, but finding an artist who allows their lyrics to be altered is rare. We are so grateful to Alex Ebert, Edward Sharpe, and the Magnetic Zeros who allowed us to cover the band’s amazing song for the film.

Then we needed to find the perfect partner. Since “A Giant Story” is about helping those who work for themselves, we wanted to work with a band or musician that was independent. When we discovered Freedom Fry, a husband and wife ensemble out of Los Angeles, it was a perfect match. They helped us create a beautiful, empowering rendition of “Girl on Fire.” It embodied Pari, and was the perfect song for the film.

Now Freedom Fry is officially part of the Intuit family. They debuted the song live for 8,000 Intuit employees and plan to play the song on their upcoming tour, which includes a performance at this year’s South by Southwest.

Pari is Intuit’s #GirlOnFire. She walks down Prosperity Ave. every day and is inspired to better the lives of her friends and neighbors, a task she accomplishes by inventing the Intuit Giant. Pari is a nod to Intuit’s employees, and she is an inspiration for us to continue to do Giant things for our customers. “Girl on Fire” is not only her anthem, but a call to action for all of us to leave the world a better place than we found it.

Thanks again to Freedom Fry and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. “Girl on Fire” is now available to download on iTunes or listen on Spotify. Join us, and go be a Giant today!

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