Meet the Figures Behind Intuit’s Technology

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At Intuit, we are obsessed with our customers, and unleashing the power of technology to power their prosperity. But powering prosperity is more than a giant mission – it takes a giant team of passionate, talented engineers to make this happen. Our technology teams thrive on solving complex problems and applying their diverse perspectives to help our products represent the customers that we serve.

As a way to bring to life and honor some of the people behind our technology, we’re excited to launch our latest ad, which features our heroine Pari, a software engineer at Intuit. Pari is an example of the thousands of incredible technologists making a difference every day.  

We have countless real life “Pari’s” right here at Intuit, including Leslie Witt, VP of Design, who incorporates the psychology of money into the QuickBooks platform; Samantha Rembo, Head of Customer Connect, who works closely with our special needs community to test accessibility and inclusivity in all of our products; and Madelaine Daianu, Senior Data Science Manager, who leads a team dedicated to making it easier for our customers to upload financial documents into our digital platforms.

At Intuit, we believe that innovation thrives in a workplace that includes employees with a wide range of life experiences and a supportive culture that lets great ideas rise to the top. Tracy Stone, our Global Leader for Tech Women @ Intuit, leads an initiative to attract, retain and advance women in technology, inspiring the next generation of Pari’s, and we have several other employee networks to support diversity of thought.

Having a diverse workforce, global footprint and collaborative culture helps us to launch exciting, innovative products around the world. For example, data scientists partner closely with designers to apply machine learning to automatically complete financial tasks through a delightful UX that makes it easy for our customers. In addition, engineers are working hand-in-hand with leading technologists and experts at Intuit to contribute code and solutions to the larger open source community – giving back to the greater good using their unique skills. It’s one of the many ways our engineers are not only solving problems for our customers, but bringing in their own perspectives to anticipate customer problems and power prosperity for those who need it most.

Come join us and help us make a giant impact on the world! Learn more about how you can join the team that is powering prosperity around the world at

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