Shine: Meet Raiche, The Voice Behind “A Prosperity Story”

Powering Prosperity

You may notice a catchy new tune playing in our latest spot during this year’s 2019 GRAMMY Awards®. In the spot, viewers meet Luisa, an entrepreneur who grows up watching her self-employed father work to provide for his family, as she pursues her passion for art and fashion in New York City. The story recognizes the struggles she faces when it comes to managing her finances as her business grows, and at the same time celebrates her path to prosperity (with a little help from her Intuit Giant).

The song accompanying the spot, “Shine,” is a new, original track written by up-and-coming singer/songwriter Raiche, recorded specifically for our spot. As Luisa’s story is about empowering herself on her path to prosperity, we wanted to partner with a musician who, like Luisa, has built her career from the ground up. Raiche’s story is just that – she never gave up on her dream of becoming a successful musician, no matter what life threw at her. The empowering anthem was a natural choice to accompany Luisa’s inspirational story and help bring her story to life.

Hailing from Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Raiche discovered music at an early age with a dream to go to college and one day build a musical career. As Raiche grew up, she spent lots of time helping with the family business; however, her parents always encouraged her to follow her dreams – which, for her, meant her music. She finally moved to Boston, where she immersed herself into music and growing her career.

Today, Raiche is quickly catching fire with her breezy vocals and refreshingly unique singing style. She’s managed to fuse her soulful roots with a little pop, crafting her distinctive sound. With her confidence, consistency, and overflow of positivity, this ambitious 23-year-old is undeniably on her way to becoming your next favorite artist.

At Intuit, we believe everyone deserves a chance to shine and live the life they want. Check out “Shine” in “A Prosperity Story” and listen on Spotify.

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    1. The song is titled “Shine,” and is an original track written by rising singer and songwriter, Raiche. We believe everyone deserves a chance to shine and loved the opportunity to partner with Raiche on this spot.

  1. Great song it brings happy tears to my eyes when I hear it. Also thanks for sharing this story of inspiration. Can’t wait to purchase this beautiful song. Light & Love & Many blessings to all the Raiche’s & Luisa’s in the world.

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