Who are Pari and Pete? The Story Behind the Stars of ‘A Giant Story’

Intuit Brand, Powering Prosperity A Giant Story - Meet Pete and Pari

Meet Pari, an intuitive inventor with an amazing mind and heart. She walks down Prosperity Ave. every day and is inspired to better the lives of her friends and neighbors. Meet Pete, an entrepreneur who owns his own flower shop who would rather spend his time with petals than paperwork.

Long before Pari opened her shop, Intuitive Inventions, her inner-inventor flourished at an early age with her constant determination to learn new things. The daughter of a mechanical engineer and a graphic designer, she’s as comfortable coding and programing as she is welding and soldering.

Pete grew up on his parent’s produce farm, where he inherited his green thumb. Eventually, he gravitated towards growing flowers over fruits and vegetables and moved to Prosperity Ave. where he opened “Pete’s Petals.” Pete is an artist and wants to spend his time creating not to managing the business side of his shop – invoices, inventory and billing.

Pari’s first invention for Pete was a small drone to help Pete trim and water his flowers. But she realized she needed to think bigger. Pete wasn’t struggling because of his flowers, instead he needed to save time and money so he get could get back to growing his business and delighting his customers. That sparked Pari’s Giant idea.

We’re telling the Intuit story through Pari, Pete and Pari’s invention, the Intuit Giant. The Giant is a representation of Intuit’s product ecosystem, including TurboTax, QuickBooks and Mint, combined with an unrivaled data set and big business solutions like artificial intelligence and machine learning. Pete’s Intuit Giant tracks down invoices, helps him save money and makes paperwork disappear. Best of all, the Giant is unique to every individual.

Pari is a tribute to Intuit’s hard-working employees, Pete is a tribute to those who work for themselves and the Giant represents how together we power prosperity around the world.

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