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5 TSheets Tips for Better Productivity

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When running a small business, it’s crucial that you are managing your employees’ time accurately and effectively. Keeping track will help reduce the cost of unproductive hours or wasted minutes. Using TSheets helps you track time, streamline payroll, send accurate invoices, and save thousands of dollars each year.

Here are a few of our favorite tips so you can start time-tracking with ease and make your small business more productive!


1. Go Mobile

Download the TSheets Kiosk app if you don’t have a computer nearby. This app can serve as a time clock system for employees who forget to bring their phones to work and need to check in. With the Kiosk app, any table or computer can be transformed into a time tracking device. Employees are able to clock in and out through the app using a four-digit PIN. Never miss out on tracking your employee’s time, and always be prepared!

2. Let Employees Manage Their Time

If you are a new small business owner adopting TSheets, chances are your employees may not know how to use the service. It is possible that employees will have entries with mistakes from time to time and send over “edit requests.” This may kill some productivity.

In the beginning, allow employees to manage their own timesheets, and let them keep accurate and detailed logs of their work. By doing this, you will avoid employees sending through “edit requests” too often.

3. Make Time-Tracking Official

Time-tracking is most effective when you can draw insights from the data of all your employees. But in order to do that, you may need to make time-tracking required. If employees aren’t used to tracking time, they may be resistant to doing it, or may simply forget.

As a small business owner, make sure to include time-tracking in your company’s employee handbook. Make sure you convey to your employees that by using TSheets, employees can know they’re getting paid for every second worked and they’ll never have to wonder what their next paycheck is going to look like.

4. Ask Questions

If you’re new to TSheets, you may have questions with how the scheduling tool works. Make sure to call, email, or chat with the Customer Experience team on the TSheets website. This group of amazing individuals can help your business with pressing questions, so that you can get the most out of our application.

5. Take a Class

We offer daily classes on how to best use TSheets and integrate the platform with QuickBooks for accurate payroll. There’s classes on everything from admin tools, to reporting, to recording PTO.

Check out when the next class is on the TSheets training website!

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