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Intuit Congratulates Employees on Receiving Intuit India’s Annual Award

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Last week, Intuit India presented their Annual Award to select employees who have made valuable and noteworthy contributions toward Intuit’s journey of excellence. These winners embody the core values that are at the heart of all that we do at Intuit, recognizing winners in the categories of: Leadership, Be Bold, Be Passionate, Be Decisive, Learn Fast, Win Together, and Deliver Awesome. This year, we would like to celebrate the extraordinary work of our 17 recipients. Their passion to be the best is a constant source of inspiration for all the friends and colleagues at Intuit to keep raising the bar.


Leadership Award

The highest award issued by Intuit India, the Leadership Award recognizes outstanding the accomplishment by an individual who plays a leadership role in creating success for Intuit India.


Over the past three years, Somnath Baishya has had a tremendous impact on Intuit India, helping hire great leaders, implementing new best practices and taking existing practices to a new level. He co-launched the Great Place to Work Ambassadors program that has been instrumental in mobilizing the passion of Intuit’s employees.


Cynthia Srinivas’ inspirational leadership and successful participation in Tech Women branding external conferences, such as the Grace Hopper Conference, led to a 4% jump in Intuit’s tech women hiring in FY17. She has also put together a bold multi-year strategy that will enable Intuit India to lead the company on gender diversity.


Be Bold

Govinda Sambamurthy led the Self-Help team to build the Small Business Group’s first ever MI-based help personalization engine in only 90 days. His efforts improved help article engagement rate by 20% and reduced the contact escalation rate, generating savings of around $160K in FY17 Q4.


Manish Shah built an active machine learning community over the past year and is the go-to person for engineers and business units looking to jumpstart the ML journey. Through partnering with the IDC Tech Learning team, Manish created a ML workshop customized for Intuit which was received with 20 points higher NPS compared to earlier workshops.


Learn Fast

Kusum Vanwani has worked on key initiatives spanning various aspects of building world class platforms including security threat remediation, e-signature service redesign, and enabling offline tickets in the Workflow Management Service. Being an active innovator, Kusum has looked at applying machine learning techniques to agile teams for story cycle time prediction.


In Nishank Gupta’s first sales quarter, he achieved Q2 retention goals which was 135% over achievement. In Q3 and Q4, he achieved acquisition goals that were above and beyond his owning. When the sales team saw attrition, Nishank took over the reins of driving sales to ensure the team met the targets they set out to achieve.


Be Decisive

Varalakshmi Vivekanandan has worn multiple hats (product manager, developer, architect) with ease to deliver the Partner RevShare Tool, streamlining payments to and from strategic partners which used to take several days every month.


Sumit Choudhary has held diverse roles from architect to mentoring young engineers on the team. Although he was the tech lead for one scrum team, he assumed the role for all four scrum teams and became the single point of contact for all things CMS, which has had an impact of over $72 Million.


Be Passionate

Mahek Samani Ashok Kumar’s keen interest in ensuring the best for his customers has resulted in an 80% reduction in complaints and incidents. He implemented a solution called Fusion to remotely monitor all the AV equipment and ensure that all devices are up and running, helping Intuit to pro-actively address issues before customers face them.


Implementing the entire metrics and monitoring framework which consolidated the audit events in Kafka, Bhallamudi Venkata Siva Kamesh helped ensure data integrity throughout the pipeline. Bhallamusi inspires the Intuit community through his initiative and continued growth.


Deliver Awesome

Venkat Vedam was responsible for taking IPGeo geocoding services to AWS and delivered a new phone identity service right on time for tax season. Venkat has embraced an agile mindset and applied it to his scrum teams methodically.


Megha L.S is a major contributor to the success of the automated sales tax exactor project, single handedly managing the migration. As part of her Unstructured Time project, “Smart Scan”, Megha helped users identify anomalies in QBO which have been greatly appreciated by everyone including Intuit CTO Tayloe Stansbury.


Technical Excellence

Veeramani Moorthy is the technical lead for the new product, “Kabini,” a real-time stateful stream processing pipeline. His team built a platform to improve payroll capability which can serve many other real-time analytics use cases.


Avnish Malik enabled desktop and online convergence by creating technology that allows desktop to use the latest replatforming technologies, saving about $20M per year in steady state.


Jayanth Saimani is responsible for increased velocity of global releases, saving multiple man days and releases (up to $7M in savings), enabled by expression evaluators and MCS. Jayanth takes technical initiative to collaborate with the right stakeholders across teams, overcoming various technical challenges, and ensuring strong capability.


Win Together

Kiran S. is the primary driver and lead for Custom Fields project which has been a top VOC for 10+ years. Teams across geographies seek Kiran’s expertise as the go-to person for payroll integration, transaction, QBDT import, data layer changes and accounting.


Sarah D’Souza took on a new charter for FY’17 focusing on re-imagining the employee experience for key people programs across Intuit India. Her creativity, determination, passion and ability to work seamlessly with employees helped her execute remarkable events throughout the year like Quarterly Intuit India All Hands refresh, Little Intuit Day, and IntuitLife LIVE.


Thank You!

Our recipients’ drive to go above and beyond is truly remarkable and has contributed significantly to Intuit’s journey of excellence. Their enduring commitment has led Intuit to being ranked #1 in India’s Best Companies to Work For in 2017 and among the Top 10 Great Places to Work for in India for 4 years in a row. Thank you to all of our awardees this year for their incredible contributions to the Intuit Family, we are inspired by your work and eagerly look forward to your journey ahead, where together we will continue to power prosperity around the world.


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