Intuit Innovation Lab: Automating Business Transaction Workflow Using Blockchain

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To explore how emerging technologies can further enhance our customers’ experiences, we hosted our first-ever Innovation Lab in San Francisco – an evening dedicated to shaping the future of FinTech through conversations with industry leaders, and demonstrations of experiments featuring different applications of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, behavioral science, emotion recognition, and blockchain.


For this exploration into how blockchain can make business more efficient and anxiety-free, Ashish Kumar Mishra employed blockchain to create a smart contract that automates the workflow of a typical business transaction. This helps alleviate stress over agreeing on terms and conditions, allowing for smoother, streamlined transactions.

This is just one example of how blockchain can power complex transactions and turn them into simple, seamless customer experiences, and we look forward to continued experimentation with how emerging technologies like this can help us innovate new solutions for our users.

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