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Intuit Innovation Lab: Predicting Business Trajectory Using Machine Learning

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To explore how emerging technologies can further enhance our customers’ experiences, we hosted our first-ever Innovation Lab in San Francisco – an evening dedicated to shaping the future of FinTech through conversations with industry leaders, and demonstrations of experiments featuring different applications of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, behavioral science, emotion recognition, and blockchain.


Our first experiment from Intuit data scientist Colin Dillard – Predicting Business Trajectory Using Machine Learning – explores how to apply machine learning techniques like time series modeling, deep learning, and transfer learning to help small businesses better understand and manage their financials.

This application of emerging technologies is driven by the information and patterns in our customers’ data. Rather than having to make their own guesses about the future of their businesses, customers can rely on Intuit for a personalized cash flow forecast that leverages their data to make predictions.

At Intuit, we’re constantly working to identify patterns within the data across our full breadth of customers, in order to make personalized cash flow predictions for every small business. To do this well is a difficult challenge, involving a deep understanding of how small businesses operate, as well as utilizing sophisticated prediction algorithms – but the breadth and richness of our customers’ data is what really makes this possible.

Stay tuned for more deep dives into various experiments we conducted and demonstrated at our Innovation Lab event!

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