People first. It’s our creed. The mainstay of our culture. Certainly, that means our employees. But it also includes those around the world who lack the access to the opportunities they need to prosper day to day. They’re children, students, and budding entrepreneurs. They have big dreams, and they need help making their dreams a reality. We want everyone to be able to excel, and to live the life that they desire.


At Intuit


People first starts here at home. We want every employee to feel connected to our success. That’s why we foster a culture where work is challenging, fun, and rewarding. We encourage our employees to bring their whole selves to work. We celebrate their diversity and want people to feel included. Intuit has 11 employee networks, where colleagues from around the world come together to share similar interests, backgrounds or heritage and a desire to learn from other points of view. People who do that thrive. They do the best work of their lives, and they empower others to do the same. We embrace women in technology. Women hold almost 30 percent of our engineering positions, and women represent almost 40 percent of our most senior leaders in our CEO’s staff. We believe we’re one of the top 100 best places to work. Fortune Magazine agrees. They’ve awarded us a top status for 17 years. In 2017, we were number 13. We’re also number 8 on Fortune’s inaugural Future 50, which lists the companies that they believe are the best prepared to thrive in the future.


In the Community


We empower our employees every way we can. In line with our corporate goal of powering prosperity around the world, we provide our employees with opportunities to help others in our local communities.

The We Care and Give Back (WCGB) program provides up to 32 hours of paid time off to volunteer. Employees can also fundraise for qualified nonprofits, and we’ll match their donations up to $5000. In 2017, Intuit employees donated over 30,000 hours to charities around the world. We also matched a total of $2.5 million in employee donations.

Our Unstructured Time program lets Intuit employees use up to 10 percent of their time to pursue a passion project. Solving a customer problem. Improving an internal process. Learning a new skill. Passion is power. It helps people align with their inner sense of purpose, creating deeper engagement and spurring innovation.