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Quicken 2008: A Solution for People in Every Stage of Their Financial Lives

New and Enhanced Offerings Designed to Help People Take Control of Their Finances

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – Aug. 14, 2007 - Intuit Inc. (Nasdaq: INTU) today announced the availability of Quicken® Personal Finance Software 2008. This year, Quicken expanded its line to include new offerings and added powerful new functionality to meet the personal finance needs of just about everybody. From those who just need the basics – to people who combine their personal and business accounts – Quicken offers the right solution to help them better manage their finances and reach their savings goals.

Brand new to the Quicken family of products is Quicken Starter Edition 2008 –built specifically for young adults or first-time personal finance users. In Quicken Deluxe and Premier, Intuit added new features and functionality for those already tracking their finances but looking to gain deeper insight into their spending habits, maximize tax deductions and create real-world savings plans. Intuit also added new and improved functionality for consumers who co-manage personal and business finances in Quicken Home &Business. All offerings are designed to help customers get more from online banking tools by pulling together all account information in one place, providing an all in one view of their personal finances.

"The success of Quicken has come from providing people with a simple solution to get a handle on – and hopefully maximize – their money and investments," said Glenn Tom, Director of Quicken Consumer Products, at Intuit. "The 2008 line-up has something for everybody, regardless of where they are in their financial life. For those looking for a quick and easy way to monitor the basics to people who want a more sophisticated look into their business and personal finances, there is a Quicken offering that's right for them."

New to the Family: Quicken Starter Edition 2008

Designed for those new to managing personal finances, Quicken Starter Edition features only the tools needed to make it as easy as possible to see what's coming in, going out, and what is left to spend each month. Replacing Quicken Basic, Starter Edition is a great choice for those who may experience anxiety at the mere thought of tracking their income, spending and savings. The Express Setup feature streamlines the startup process and helps users get up and running in four easy steps, providing a complete view of their finances in minutes. With connections to more than 5,300 banks, brokerages and other financial institutions – including PayPal – it's easier than ever to create a single view of all one's accounts. A monthly bill and expense calendar helps users avoid costly late fees by letting them schedule bill reminders and payments to ensure they pay their bills on time.

Spend Less, Save More: Quicken Deluxe and Premier

Quicken Deluxe and Premier were enhanced this year to help consumers who want to get a better handle on saving for the future and gain more control over their spending, especially important considering the saving rate of Americans is at its lowest level since the Great Depression. The new Savings Plan tool uses the concept of a zero-based budget, in which every dollar is allocated to an expense or savings category. Consumers just enter their savings goal into the product and Quicken will show them where they have room to save more money. Since Quicken distinguishes between required payments, such as mortgage or utility payments, and discretionary spending like entertainment or clothing, suggested budgets are based on realistic spending habits. Users can see on a daily basis how their actual spending compares with their budget, and can see at-a-glance if they are meeting their financial goals. The reorganized and redesigned drop down expense menu makes it even easier to categorize expenses directly from the register, reducing the likelihood of confusion related to an unidentified expenditure.

For those with investments, Quicken's investing tools have been updated with the latest asset allocation and investing guidelines to help in comparing a portfolio to market averages, evaluate potential stock purchases and make smarter investment decisions. Access to the information necessary to make informed investment decisions is available from within Quicken via stock and fund alerts.

"With Quicken's new Spending and Savings Plan I can keep close watch on my spending habits as it relates to my savings goals," said Sarah Hull of Long Island, N.Y. "For example, now it's much easier to identify when I have extra money in my budget that I can either use for something I want to buy or add it to savings."

Working Harder for You: Quicken Home & Business Edition

Quicken Home &Business 2008 offers extended functionality for the millions of small businesses that manage personal and business finances from the same bank account. Quicken Home &Business integrates two important, everyday tasks involved with running a business: tracking and determining how a business is doing and finding business tax deductions.

"We estimate that some 80 percent of Quicken Home &Business users co-mingle business transactions in their personal accounts. While this may be easier for people to manage in some respects, at times it can be difficult to get a clear sense of their personal, and business, financial health. " said Jim Del Favero, Quicken Product Manager. "In response, we've made it easier to separate these two types of transactions for 2008."

Quicken Home &Business automatically determines and reports business inflows, outflows and profit or losses based on the transactions within a business category. Also new to Quicken Home &Business for 2008 is a business tax deduction monitor that keeps users up-to-date on current business tax deductions, with automatic notification of potential tax deductible transactions that might otherwise go unnoticed.

What's Next: Quicken Online

Answering customer demand for a powerful way to manage personal finances via the Web, Intuit will introduce Quicken Online in 2008. This revolutionary new service will build on the connectivity of the Web to give people a new level of insight into their personal finances. Combining new technology with Intuit's market-leading experience and expertise, Quicken Online will provide another innovative solution for people looking to take control of their financial lives. Additional details to be announced at a later date.

Product Availability and Pricing

Quicken Personal Finance Software 2008 will be available for purchase or download directly from Intuit at beginning August 27, 2007 and will be widely available in retail stores on September 9.

The suggested retail prices are:

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