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TurboTax 2008: The Easy Way to get the Maximum Refund

TurboTax Federal Refund $200 More Than National Average

SAN DIEGO - Nov. 13, 2008 -TurboTax® customers on average received a federal tax refund of more than $2,600 last year. That's $200 more than the average tax refund. At a time when every dollar counts, who wouldn't want the biggest refund they deserve?

TurboTax, the nation's No. 1-rated, best-selling tax preparation software from Intuit Inc. (Nasdaq: INTU), makes it easier than ever to get the maximum tax refund possible. TurboTax customers received more than $33 billion in federal tax refunds last year.

In addition to helping taxpayers identify more than 350 possible deductions and credits, TurboTax 2008 offers a new, streamlined interview for those with simple returns. It helps filers with simple returns easily and accurately prepare their taxes in less than an hour and makes sure that they receive every refund dollar they deserve.

"Too many people are paying someone else too much to do their taxes," said Kiran Patel, general manager and senior vice president of Intuit's consumer tax division. "TurboTax 2008 makes it easier than ever to do your own taxes completely and accurately. Every year, millions of Americans trust TurboTax to get them their maximum refund quickly and easily."

Highlights for TurboTax 2008 include:

  • Can't-miss deductions: Based on a taxpayer's unique situation, TurboTax automatically checks to see if they qualify for more than 350 possible deductions to help them get the biggest tax refund possible, guaranteed. It easily handles major life changes, including help for home foreclosures, natural disasters or job loss. TurboTax customers won't miss important credits such as the earned income tax credit. In 2007, an estimated 5.6 million eligible taxpayers failed to claim this credit, potentially missing out on $4,600 or more.
  • Faster filing: An estimated 80 million Americans with simple tax returns may be able to complete their taxes in less than an hour and be confident they're getting every refund dollar they deserve. TurboTax asks a few simple questions, such as: "How much did you give to charity?" or "How much did you pay in medical expenses?" Customers can simply estimate their answer to the nearest $1,000 and based on those responses, TurboTax recommends either itemizing or taking the standard deduction to provide the biggest tax refund possible.
  • Free and easy: Ideal for taxpayers filing simple returns, the TurboTax Online Free Edition lets customers prepare and electronically file a federal tax return at no cost. New this year, TurboTax Online Free Edition provides more help with chat and e-mail support, and the ability to get instant answers from other TurboTax users or tax experts online. Additionally, TurboTax Online Free Edition includes downloadable support in the event of an audit.

Federal E-filing Included

Federal e-filing is now included with all TurboTax 2008 desktop products, making it even easier for taxpayers to get their refund in as little as eight days. Every year, the products and services customers want and use most are included in TurboTax at an overall lower price than what they would have otherwise paid separately.

"The majority of TurboTax customers now e-file," said Patel. "With federal e-file now included in our desktop products, those customers will save a few dollars this year. It's a great opportunity for customers to try e-file and get their refund back in little more than a week."

Pricing and Availability

TurboTax 2008 desktop products, starting at $19.95 including federal e-filing, are currently available direct from Intuit at and are expected to be available at retail stores beginning Nov. 28. Customers completing additional federal and state desktop returns get all the ease and benefits of TurboTax, including federal e-file, for only $9.95 each.

TurboTax Online is expected to be available beginning Dec. 1 at In addition to the TurboTax Online Free Edition, TurboTax online products, which include free e-filing, start at $19.95.

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