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The New Free Quicken Online: The Web's First Forward-Looking Personal Finance Service

SAN DIEGO – Dec. 09, 2008 – For those who want to anticipate where their money will go, rather than where it went, Intuit Inc. (Nasdaq: INTU) has something new: Free Quicken Online - the Web's first forward-looking personal financial service.

The new Quicken Online takes the legendary ease of Quicken and combines it with break-through technology that makes available, for the first time, a forward-looking paycheck and spending forecaster. By using this paycheck and spending forecaster, customers can now track their spending ahead of time to stay on top of their money, giving them another way to look for ways to save.

"Until now, online personal finance sites have been like a rearview mirror - a backwards view of money spent," said Todd Stanley, vice president and general manager of Quicken. “Quicken Online changes that. Like a pair of binoculars, Quicken Online makes it easier to look ahead, see all of your spending, what bills are coming, and how much money you'll have left over. It makes staying on top of your money easier than ever before."

Quicken Online's new, easy-to-use paycheck and spending forecaster graphically displays how customer's finances will look over the next few pay periods. Quicken Online anticipates income and bills over the next 30 days, easily showing users where they're spending between now and their next paycheck. With an estimated 70 percent of Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck, consumers can now accurately track spending and avoid overdrawing their accounts – a feature not found in any other online software.

And for those on the go, Quicken Online can send mobile alerts to cell phones and PDAs, alerting users to potential overdrafts, exceeding their credit limit and notifying them of low balances to help avoid overdrawing their accounts. In addition, new budget alerts make it easier than ever to stay on track financially while on the go. Users can set limits on their spending and receive alerts* when they get close to overspending.

More information about the new free Quicken Online is available at

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