Experts of Customer Success

More together than ever

Extraordinary is more essential than ever.

While we’re all facing new challenges – and plenty of uncertainty – one thing is as clear as it’s ever been.

Our Customer Success Experts are capable of extraordinary things – and helping our customers achieve their own kind of extraordinary too.

So we’re going to keep sharing their extraordinary stories. Highlighting the inspiring energy, insight and passion our Experts bring to work (even if the way we work has changed a bit). And shining a light on the diverse and dynamic individuals that make Intuit such a unique partner for our customers.

Experts of Customer Success

In Search of Extraordinary

How some of our Experts are accomplishing incredible things at Intuit.

These are extraordinary times.

So it’s a good thing we have such extraordinary people to continue powering prosperity.

“We help our customers get from one milestone to another, until they’re successfully stable and confident making these decisions on their own.”

Jodi Codero

Customer Success, Social & Community Enablement

“We’re working with people’s lives. It’s so important that our leads train us to be the best we can be, so that we can really support our customers. So that they can get on with their lives.”

Sada Kaitanjian

Customer Success, Live Messaging

What does it mean to be extraordinary?

It’s about thinking bigger. Pushing further. Steering your course towards success – and being passionate enough to bring others along for the ride as well.

Give your extraordinary some extra inspiration here.