Experts of Customer Success

Experience extraordinary in action.

How some of our Experts are accomplishing incredible things at Intuit.

Doing extraordinary things in uncertain times.

Our Experts are proof of that – helping customers, communities and colleagues to experience extraordinary, while powering their own prosperity as well.

We’ve brought together some of the extraordinary stories being created here at Intuit. It’s a chance for you to think about what your own story might look like.

And get some extra inspiration to make it happen.

Stories from Intuit

“When I hear that breath at the end saying thank you, then it was worth it. It’s worth the three or four days a week that you spend on an account because you know that they’re going to get up and running for their customers.”

Nikole Davis

Customer Success, Remote Expert

“I’m excited to go to work. Because the people that I get to interact with, the people that I get to work under, are the most amazing people in the world.”

Dan Brown

Customer Success, Set Up

“We’re setting up our customers for all those successes by delivering great products, by leveraging the innovation that we do in the lab space.”

Wynter Dixon

Customer Success, Innovation Labs

“I always want to do better and do more. And I love that at Intuit we get to be extraordinary in every aspect.”

Monica Chavez

Customer Success, Software Support Expert

“We help our customers get from one milestone to another, until they’re successfully stable and confident making these decisions on their own.”

Jodi Codero

Customer Success, Social & Community Enablement

“We’re working with people’s lives. It’s so important that our leads train us to be the best we can be, so that we can really support our customers. So that they can get on with their lives.”

Sada Kaitanjian

Customer Success, Live Messaging

“If we can save a customer that half hour that gets them to the kids’ soccer game on time? That’s powering prosperity. That’s extraordinary.”

Mario Joy

Director Customer Success

“Being present at each moment allows you to give, listen and be there for people. It makes small experiences extraordinary.”

Vanessa Valenzuela

Customer Success, Learning & Development

“It means to be different. It means to go the extra mile. It’s what I teach my children, it’s how we live our life as a family.”

Christina Carlsen

Customer Success, Set Up

“What I find extraordinary is the ability to make a deep impact on people’s lives with just a brief moment. Providing meaningful, value-filled interactions. That’s extraordinary.”

Philip Park

Customer Success, Remote Tax and Accounting Expert

“When we finished our interaction, he was thankful, he was grateful. We had built a relationship up. I knew about his business and what they did.”

David Garcia

Customer Success Expert

“I think to be able to find a company that you can grow with and know that your own personal values continue to mesh well with theirs, I think that’s something that’s so important.”

Kirstie Walker

Customer Success, Payroll and Filing

“Extraordinary is putting yourself in situations that might be uncomfortable but know that it will help you grow and become a better leader because of it.“

Ethan Willinger

Customer Success, Office of the President