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Help your students become job ready

Bring the power of design thinking to your classroom, for free. Teach our new online Design for Delight Level 1 course.


Closing the skills gap together

According to Cengage’s Graduate Employability 2021 Report1, half of graduates did not apply to entry-level jobs because they felt under qualified.

That’s why we are partnering with educators to use Design for Delight, Intuit’s unique design thinking method, to help students build durable skills that are needed in today’s workforce."

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Learn Design for Delight, then teach your students.

Our Design for Delight Level 1 course is a free 8-hour online learning path that you can take at your own pace. Learn design thinking basics and teach them to your students to help promote creativity, critical thinking, complex problem solving, and collaboration in your classroom.

Design thinking in the classroom

World Economic Forum's Future Jobs Report

Design thinking has become a powerful business language used by many of the world’s most admired companies. It promotes complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, and other skills highlighted in the World Economic Forum’s Future Jobs Report

Educator and student stories

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I think design thinking has helped because I've really been able to sort of examine the problem more deeply. I was able to think about so many different parts of the problem and how we could fix it.

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Look to always improve your product, your service,and yourself. The bottleneck in your business is going to be yourself. So if you're constantly reading, asking questions, and you're constantly improving, then your business is also going to improve.

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We want these kids to be able to fail forward, so that they can be resilient. I really think they're going to transfer these [design thinking] skills to the workforce, and that's going to make for better employees all around. They're going to be able to think more critically and creatively and solve problems.

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Help your students turn their big ideas into reality

Learn how Dr. Andy Gold inspires his students and teaches them the tools they need to build the future they want.

Additional resources

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Design for Delight teaching resources

Get Design for Delight templates and materials to bring design thinking to classroom projects and assignments, today.

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Design thinking training for educators

Sign up to stay informed about upcoming training opportunities to develop your design thinking expertise.

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Lead with a cause: Innovation Challenge

Intuit Innovation Challenges invite students to use design thinking to solve global problems. Get notified about future challenges.