Workday partner customer data transfer option

As a customer of Workday you have employee W-2 data held within Workday Services.

Intuit Inc., a partner of Workday, produces TurboTax tax preparation software. Intuit is offering you the ability to transfer such W-2 data from Workday to Intuit, at no cost, to enable your employees using TurboTax to automatically import their individual data as they prepare their tax returns. You can enable this transfer data by agreeing to the following terms:

• You understand and agree that you are granting Intuit consent to receive the W-2 data from Workday.

• None of the W-2 data will be used unless requested by your employees as part of their use of the TurboTax software. Intuit's use of the data will be in full compliance with the law and the Intuit Privacy and Security policy located at:

• You understand that Workday is not responsible for the privacy, security or integrity of the W-2 data after it leaves the Workday Services; instead, Intuit shall then assume such responsibility. Additionally, once your employees import their individual W-2 data into TurboTax, their data and use of TurboTax shall be subject to the TurboTax Terms of Service.

• Please submit the secure form on this page to start your TurboTax integration.

Activate W-2 import in TurboTax

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