The Pursuit of Prosperity

A New Study by Intuit
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How Americans Feel About Their Financial Outlook

Intuit is committed to powering prosperity for all. So to better understand Americans’ financial outlook, we conducted a national survey to define what prosperity means to you, the barriers to living the life you want, and the solutions available.

Here’s What Americans Had to Say

Prosperity Status: It’s Complicated

Prosperity is different for every American, but regardless of your circumstances, you should be able to live the life you want. Most Americans feel prosperity is currently out of reach, but are optimistic for the future.

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Facing Financial Barriers

Nearly all Americans (87%) believe meeting financial goals is key to achieving prosperity. But the challenge of managing finances creates tough situations. Many Americans face at least one or sometimes even multiple challenges, like living paycheck-to-paycheck (45%), not having any money in a savings account (44%), being too far in debt (36%) and not being able to fully support themselves (19%).

Many Americans are postponing key personal milestones like:


Purchasing a home




Starting a business


Starting a family


Getting married


Taking a vacation

Chasing the American Dream is Worth It

Despite lingering concerns, Americans still have reason to hope for financial success, and this optimism and perseverance is sparking a new entrepreneurial spirit. 36% of Americans are considering getting a side hustle or an additional source of income. 1 in 3 Americans are thinking about becoming business owners or self-employed within the next five years. In fact, small business owners are nearly twice as likely to feel more prosperous than those working traditional 9-to-5 jobs.

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How Intuit Powers Prosperity

Everyone deserves a prosperous life, but the path to prosperity is not easy for all. Intuit is committed to changing the story through our mission to Power Prosperity Around the World. We provide products such as TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint, Credit Karma and Mailchimp that give you the confidence to live the life you want.

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Prosperity Study Infographic

The infographic represents the key findings from The Pursuit of Prosperity Study by Intuit. The study reveals how Americans feel about their current and future opportunities for prosperity.