Written by anna-caffarel

Anna Cafarel is currently part of our Smart Money Service Design team. Prior to her current role, Anna was a Mint Live expert, where she provided unbiased expert guidance for people who often don’t think they can afford professional financial advice. She helped our customers link all their financial accounts to the Mint platform, so they can have a better picture of their financial situation.

Before joining Mint Live, she was a practicing attorney. After starting her family, she took a break from law to be a stay-at-home mom and to teach part time in her children’s school. When her youngest started high school, she began studying tax and accounting basics as a possible route to a new career. After working at a few local tax offices, she was presented with the opportunity to become a seasonal TurboTax advisor at Intuit.

When Intuit launched the brand-new Mint Live service to provide customers with holistic financial advice from certified financial planners, she had the privilege of being one of the first Mint Live experts.

Anna is proud to work for a company that cares about its customers, its employees, and its place in the world. As part of a close-knit and supportive team, she thrives on the shared mission to help give everyone the opportunity to prosper.

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