Kent Abney
Kent Abney

Written By Kent Abney

Kent Abney is a tax expert and manager for TurboTax Live. He makes a meaningful difference in clients’ lives by helping them get a tax refund, which is often the biggest check they receive all year. Helping clients is one of the most rewarding parts of his life and – now that he’s over the age of 65 – he’s realized that learning new things as part of Intuit allows him to remain sharp and motivated.

After a wide-ranging career as a CPA, advisor, and tax attorney for almost 49 years, he started to wind down his consulting practice and become more selective about accepting new work. He thought working for TurboTax Live would be a one-time gig, but it turned into a second season, and then a new position as a seasonal manager, and eventually a full-time job. He’s now starting his second year as a permanent manager. He loves keeping his team engaged with our customers and showing them how a career helping others can be a fantastic way to earn a living.

Kent Abney, Intuit tax expert looking at the camera from his desk at home and smiling

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