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Empowering Our People, Providing Our Products, and Protecting Our Planet

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At Intuit, we embrace our roles as good corporate citizens so we can have a positive impact on the world. We believe that fulfilling our mission—to power prosperity around the world—extends beyond our daily work to the greater ways we’re giving back to society.

A mission-driven approach to corporate social responsibility is part of our heritage. Our core value “We Care and Give Back” represents how we operate even outside of our roles at the company. For decades, we’ve been committed to supporting our global community, protecting our environment and operating with integrity.

We’re excited to share a few highlights from our CSR report that showcase how we’re making an impact through our people, with our product and for our planet.

Empowering our People

The greatest strength of Intuit is our people. Our employees are fueled by a passion to serve our global customers and communities. As a company, we strive to create a culture where employees are inspired to act on this passion and make a positive change.

  • In FY18, our employees volunteered more than 36,000 hours and donated nearly $5 million to charitable organizations, including Intuit’s matching donation.
  • During this year’s Week of Service, employees volunteered more than 14,000 hours of service and donated more than $335,000, including Intuit’s matching donation.

Empowering our people also means fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion as part of a safe, inclusive and ethical work environment, so employees can bring their whole selves to work. We believe innovation thrives in a workforce with a wide range of backgrounds and life experiences.

Providing our Products

We believe our products have the power to transform financial lives for the better. And we have a responsibility to provide our products and expertise to enhance financial capabilities in service to building economically vibrant communities.

  • In FY18, we donated more than 2.3 million federal and state tax return filings to lower income taxpayers through Free File programs.
  • We donated QuickBooks products for free to more than 126,000 non-profits, small business development centers and education institutions in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Through our Education program, we donated 89,000 QuickBooks and ProConnect products to teachers and students in the U.S.

Protecting our Planet

We are dedicated to serving and improving the communities where we operate – and there is no greater community than the planet we all share. As a company, we’re focused on managing our own environmental footprint and have achieved carbon neutrality for our worldwide operations since 2015 by internally boosting energy efficiency, investing in renewable energy and buying carbon offsets.

  • As of FY18, 76 percent of our electricity comes from clean, renewable energy.
  • We have invested in on-site solar installations in Mountain View, Tucson and San Diego.
  • We divert 72 percent of our waste from entering landfills through recycling and composting.
  • In FY18, Intuit launched Purely Green, a partnership with Just Energy that provides customers and employees with access to a premium renewable energy product at a competitive price.

You can read more about Intuit’s 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility efforts by downloading the full report from our Social Responsibility website.

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