Intuit partners with The Farmlink Project to address climate change and combat food waste

Through the initiative, we’ve been able to provide eight million meals to Los Angeles communities and avoid more than 13K metric tons of CO2e emissions since 2023.

Man with mask pushing cartons of food out of a truck

Intuit has joined forces with The Farmlink Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to redirecting unsold fresh produce to underserved communities. The joint initiative resulted in over 8 million meals delivered to communities in Los Angeles and prevented over 9 million pounds of food from going to waste since 2023. In addition, more than 13,000 tons of CO2e emissions have been avoided since 2023 with this collaboration, which is equivalent to taking almost 3,000 gasoline-powered vehicles off the road for a year. 

Through Intuit and The Farmlink Project’s partnership, the high-quality food that has been diverted from landfills has gone to organizations that serve under-resourced communities in Los Angeles, including to schools in South Los Angeles. This area, near the future home of the Los Angeles Clippers’ Intuit Dome, suffers from food insecurity rates 35% higher than other parts of LA. 

“Intuit strives to create long-lasting, widespread environmental and social impact, and our partnership with The Farmlink Project is a great example of that,” says Debbie Lizt, head of global sustainability at Intuit. “This initiative will help us achieve our goal of reducing 2 million metric tons of CO2 emissions outside of our operations while also providing socio-economic benefits to the communities we serve.”

This initiative is a core part of Intuit’s climate program focused on making an impact beyond its value chain. This unique strategy aims to generate positive climate and community impact, and is in addition to the company’s operational net zero science-based targets. 

“We are thrilled to be working with Intuit on this important program to reduce food waste and fight hunger in Los Angeles and beyond,” says Aidan Reilly, co-founder of The Farmlink Project. “Intuit is our first corporate partner, and together we are creating a new model for how companies and NGOs can address climate change and help reduce food insecurity for communities in need.”


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