A community for technologists, by technologists

The Tech Culture Champions Community consists of a network of technologists who’ve mapped out a charter  based on their shared…

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Top 5 technologies that are powering India’s economic growth

While there’s a lot of innovation going on in India—and the rest of the world—some technologies are anticipated to be…

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Female hands typing on computer

The transformative power of foundational technology

The advent of mobile technology has changed the scene in India. It has the power to connect every human being…

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An illustrative image of two blue arms holding hands.

What genuine allyship looks like according to LGBTQ+ members

Kesavan Nampoothiry, a Content Designer and member of Intuit’s Pride employee resource group, and his partner Sanjana Prasad, a private…

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A diverse group of people on stage with a background reading, "Technology as an innovative catalyst for people with disabilities.:

Why accessibility matters—and how to make it work

Accessibility in innovation should be top of mind for present-day developers. 

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Intuit Again returnship interns smiling at the camera

Do you have a gap in your tech career? Here’s why you should consider a returnship program

A returnship can work for individuals who were away from the workforce for a spell. Do you have a gap…

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What’s the secret behind Intuit India’s award-winning culture?

Intuit India has won many accolades for its culture. Intuit India is recognized among India’s Best Companies to Work for…

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Empowering interns to become successful engineers

Internships can provide on-the-job training and professional development for individuals starting their career. For that reason, companies should create positive…

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