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Multiple photos of small business owners over a blue/green gradient background

AI can help UK small businesses grow and do more

For over 5 years, Intuit has been driving AI innovation to help small businesses solve their most important problems.

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Brunette man with hat sits behind counter in restaurant.

Atlanta chef crafts a culture of respect

Jarrett Stieber, a chef and business owner in Atlanta, Georgia, fights burnout by creating a work environment built on appreciation…

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A community for technologists, by technologists

The Tech Culture Champions Community consists of a network of technologists who’ve mapped out a charter  based on their shared…

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Top 5 technologies that are powering India’s economic growth

While there’s a lot of innovation going on in India—and the rest of the world—some technologies are anticipated to be…

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An Indigenous woman performs a blessing ceremony to employees in an office.

Inclusive design: Indigenous ties inspire new Toronto workplace

We proudly hosted Indigenous community members to hold a blessing ceremony at our newly-opened Canadian headquarters in downtown Toronto. Site…

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Intuit UK Gender Pay Gap Report

View the full gender pay results from 2021-2022 below.

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Female hands typing on computer

The transformative power of foundational technology

The advent of mobile technology has changed the scene in India. It has the power to connect every human being…

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Building wealth over looking rich online with The Millennial CPA

As a part-time hula hooper, dog walker, and accountant, Kim Liao knows the value of hustle. Now the social media…

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