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Intuit Again returnship interns smiling at the camera

Do you have a gap in your tech career? Here’s why you should consider a returnship program

A return internship can work for individuals who were away from the workforce for a spell. Here are three reasons…

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A Latino entrepreneur inspires others, one dish at a time

In 2016, Christian Martin came to a crossroads in his life: He could continue climbing the corporate ladder at AT&T…

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Two smiling Black women pose in front of their coffee shop with a pink window decal promoting Nirvana Soul.

Bringing people together through the power of coffee and tea

Step inside the vibrant San Jose coffee shop that is Nirvana Soul and you’ll see a mural sprinkled with phrases…

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30 Black-owned businesses to shop this Black Business Month

August is National Black Business Month. To create more visibility for these businesses, we’ve compiled a list of QuickBooks customers…

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Impacting people’s lives through the power of AI

Time and again, data science has been touted as the hottest career option in the 21st century. But what does…

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How Intuit is leveraging AI to enhance customer experience

In recent times, technology has paved the way for disruption and transformation in the financial services industry in India. Advancements…

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Fale Malepeai, Credit Karma customer and basetball coach holding a basketball smiling at the camera

How one basketball coach broke the mold to build a career and uplift his community

Fale Malepeai broke the mold. Growing up in the Bay Area, no one in his world shared the dream that…

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LGBTQ+ Owned Businesses to Shop with Pride

June is a time to recognize the people and small businesses built with pride each day. Pride Month allows the…

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