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International young team work taking a selfie in creative office - Group of multiracial students using digital devices.

What does ally mean in the workplace?

What does “ally” mean? To some, it may just be a buzzword you see used at work, in tv shows,…

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A brunette tech worker in her 20s smiles while looking at her tablet in an industrial chic open office setting. Next to her a young, Black man with short braids works at his computer.

Top 3 career tips from one of Intuit’s design leaders

As part of our job readiness program, Cesar Villegas- VP of Design at Intuit, imparted some career advice during a…

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Four engineers pose for a photo at the Intuit campus wearing dark blue shirts with the GED logo.

How a week to pursue passion projects leads to innovative solutions

What happens when you give all your technologists a week to experiment, collaborate, and release their inner engineers? Anything.

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Portrait of Asian blind person woman in wireless earphones using smart phone with voice accessibility technology for persons with disabilities in office workplace.

Four easy ways to make your content more accessible

In honor of International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3, take a few minutes to learn how to…

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How to grow through mentors and sponsors

No matter where you are in your career, mentors and sponsors can play a vital role in that journey. Whether…

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Intuit Again returnship interns smiling at the camera

Do you have a gap in your tech career? Here’s why you should consider a returnship program

A return internship can work for individuals who were away from the workforce for a spell. Here are three reasons…

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How military service developed this leader’s skills and her advice to grow your career

Two years into her career with Intuit, Ashley Millbern enlisted in the US Navy Reserves. Ahead of Veterans Day, Ashley…

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Building Inclusion: Melanie Proebstel is an advocate for veterans, military spouses, and their families

As global leader of the Intuit Military Network ERG, Melanie Proebstel uses her own experiences as a military spouse to…

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