From Super Nintendo to Silicon Valley: Petagae Butcher on paving a career in tech

Petagae Butcher is a versatile force in the tech world, currently working as a Staff Technical Program Manager at Intuit.

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A Place Where Women in Sales Want to Work

Women are underrepresented in sales, particularly in leadership. Intuit is trying to change that and was recently recognized as the…

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Getting the most from a mentoring relationship

In this second blog in our mentoring women in technology series, we’ll talk about how technology professionals at any company…

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Closing the gap for women in tech: why mentorship matters

In this first blog in our mentoring women in technology series, learn about how you can find a mentor in…

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Global Engineering Days 2023 – a week on the road to beautiful code

Nearly 5,000 technologists from across Intuit, Mailchimp, and Credit Karma participated in Global Engineering Days (GED) last month.

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Accelerate your career path inside Intuit

“​​Although I enjoyed my role as a product manager—especially being part of a team that earned a patent badge—I realized…

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Pursuing my professional and personal ambitions at Intuit

There’s no holding back Ken Smith, a Multi-Domain Expert from Chicago. With six college degrees, an enrolled agent credential, and…

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From Intern to Full-Time: Britney Peart’s Journey of Growth and Opportunity

How can you make the most out of your internship this year? Britney Peart shares her top tips on what…

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Four women standing behind 'Coding for Kids' booth

A North Star for the Next Generation of Women Technologists

Senior Software Engineer and Code with Her co-founder Kylie Taitano hosted a hands-on coding class for Intuit employees to prove…

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