I was ready to up my tax game–that’s why I joined Intuit

Working remotely in Yuba City, California, Michael Mills is in his third season with Intuit and his first as a TurboTax Expert. He’s an evangelist for Intuit Academy, our self-paced training programs for tax and bookkeeping. Michael utilizes our flexible schedule options to give himself the time to accomplish his ultimate career goal: Building his own practice that allows him to earn three revenue streams (bookkeeping, tax, and financial advising).

I’m Michael, a Seasonal TurboTax Live Expert and a full-time owner of a financial services practice. At Intuit, I can create a personalized career path, work the hours I want, supplement my income, and still have time to expand my own business. If you have a bookkeeping background and want to develop the skills needed to have a more lucrative future, I can share with you the advantages of building a tax career with Intuit.

Life threw me a curve ball, but Intuit gave me options

I worked for ten years in an accounting position for a hospital. But when COVID hit, I was laid off. Sound familiar? At first, it was a blow—but then I realized this could be an opportunity to start my own financial consulting business. I wanted to create a one-stop shop where I could help customers with taxes, bookkeeping, and investing. Still, I knew I needed to earn a steady income while building up my own client list, and that’s why I joined Intuit. I can work the hours I want here as a seasonal employee, be part of a fantastic team, get great benefits, and still build up my practice. Prefer to be a full-time team member or put in part-time hours instead? You can do that here, too.

I’m getting tax training at no cost

I had plenty of experience in bookkeeping, but I needed to build up my tax knowledge. When I found out Intuit offers free tax training through their Intuit Academy, I knew this place was something special. With Intuit Academy, you’ll have access to awesome training modules that are designed to be completed online and fit around your busy schedule. If you have your own financial services business like me, Intuit’s training leads to a win-win-win opportunity. I strengthened my tax skills, which helped me land a seasonal position, which gives me an additional income stream I can count on as I grow my firm.

When you’ve completed an Intuit program, you can take a test and earn a badge. This can make you eligible to apply for a role with TurboTax Live at Intuit, and candidates with an Intuit Academy badge stand out from other applicants.

Ever thought about getting your enrolled agent credential?

The enrolled agent credential is the highest credential the IRS awards. Enrolled agents, like attorneys and certified public accountants (CPAs), have unlimited practice rights. I want to complete my own clients’ tax returns, so I’m going all in on earning my enrolled agent credential­—but I don’t have to do it on my own. The Intuit EA Credential Assistance Program covers the cost of the program and provides the study materials from Fast Forward Academy, as well as a mentor to help me with questions. I can’t recommend this offering enough. Between the course guides, videos, practice tests, and even a messaging channel to connect with others who are working toward their enrolled agent credential, you’ll have everything you need to ace the exam. Like the Intuit Academy program, you can go at your own pace. If you’re a busy person and you commute a lot to work, or maybe you just dropped your kids off at school, you can listen to the different lessons on your phone.

I feel connected to my team

When there’s a change to the tax code, Intuit sends alerts straight to my desktop. We have team huddles so we can share notes and help one another. We also share surveys, so we’re able to learn from others’ challenges but also congratulate people when they do well. Even though I work remotely, I feel more team camaraderie than I did at some of my on-site jobs. It’s this kind of company culture that will keep me coming back to Intuit year after year.

I love the perks of working for Intuit

In addition to competitive pay, Intuit supports us with great benefits. I have access to medical insurance, am eligible for bonuses, a 401(k) retirement plan, and an employee stock option purchase plan. Interested in working weekends? Intuit sometimes offers financial incentives for those shifts, so there’s an extra reason to join Intuit. My favorite perk? Our discount for purchasing the professional tax software. This is super helpful for my own side practice. Professional tax software can cost several thousand dollars, but we’ve got the option of buying it for a fraction of the cost.

If you’re on the fence about applying, remember three things

1. Intuit will give you the tax and accounting education you need to accelerate your career.

2. The people you’ll work with will totally support you. Everyone has their own area of expertise they bring to the table to share. Together, we help make each other stronger.

3. The financial component—from pay, to benefits, to free training—can’t be beat.

Come find your career path at Intuit. From accounting to tax, and more, you can work and learn alongside a team you’ll be proud to be part of. Intuit’s supportive culture gives you the backing you need to take on new experiences at your own pace. Explore all Intuit seasonal, year-round, and full-time remote opportunities.