4 ways Intuit helped me start a successful tax career

Fatimah Muhammad, a Seasonal Tax Prep Associate, works remotely in Kansas. While serving as an assistant manager in the hospitality industry, she learned how to use QuickBooks and rediscovered her talent for working with numbers. By joining Intuit, she’s been able to join the tax field with the help of our free, online tax training courses.

As a Seasonal Tax Prep Associate for Intuit, I work remotely from my home in Kansas helping customers all over the country. Spoiler alert: I love it! I’m Fatimah. If you want to transition from a bookkeeping position to a tax career like I did, keep scrolling and I’ll share the 4 ways Intuit makes it easy for you to do it.

How did my career journey bring me to this great company? It started back in my restaurant days. I was a server, but I climbed my way up to assistant manager, a position that gave me bookkeeping responsibility. Math was always my favorite subject in school, and I realized I enjoyed working with numbers in a professional capacity. Eventually I had an opportunity to take on tax issues for a small company. Not long after that, a friend who works at Intuit told me I’d love the culture here. Read on to learn how Intuit makes it easy for you to launch your new career.

1. Join the fast track for tax prep training  

No waiting lists, no driving to class—you can complete your Intuit tax training as quickly as you want. That’s what I love about Intuit Academy, which offers training programs for tax preparation and bookkeeping. I got thorough training to help me get a handle on the tax side—and I got paid while doing it. The training is online and self-paced, so I could work it around my schedule. Need to take your kiddos to the doctor in the morning? Having lunch with your best friends? Go do it! Intuit Academy’s flexibility lets you do the coursework when it’s convenient for you. 

Not only did I learn how to prepare tax returns and maximize credits and deductions, but Intuit Academy courses taught me how to use TurboTax and what to expect on customer calls. Sure, I was nervous at first, but my managers and teammates had my back. If I couldn’t solve an issue on my own, I could jump on our messaging channel and easily find someone with the right answer. That’s another thing that’s so great about Intuit: Everyone has their own area of expertise they bring to the table, and we’re all happy to share with each other!

You don’t need any tax experience to enroll in the Intuit Academy program. Now, did my experience as a bookkeeper make it easier to learn the tax side? Definitely. If you’re coming in with bookkeeping knowledge like I did, you’ll help set yourself up for success.

In addition to gaining valuable skills, when you take our online tax preparation exam and get a passing score, you’ll earn an Intuit Academy badge, which helps make you a more competitive job applicant. Even if you choose to take a job offer with another company, you can be confident that your Intuit training has you fully prepared for your new career journey.

BTW: The Intuit Academy is free. I think of all the money I would spend elsewhere on course material to help me make the jump from bookkeeping to tax. How great is it that the company I work for helped me advance my career and they paid for it?

2. Inside Intuit’s strong work culture, you’ll thrive (and have fun!)

If you’ve never worked remotely, you may wonder if you’ll feel isolated. Trust me when I tell you I had that concern too—but you have nothing to worry about. Intuit makes sure we have the tools and time to get to know our teammates. We have weekly and daily online meetups and huddles, and our manager sets up “coffee times” with her so we can chat about anything. Our group even started a friendly competition to see who can find an answer in the Intuit database to the most difficult question of the week. Bottom line? I don’t feel alone and neither will you! We’re like family here, and together we help each other make every day awesome.

3. The flexibility to live your best life

I chose to be a seasonal employee at Intuit, and I’m still eligible for a 401(k) plan and an opportunity to purchase Intuit stock at a discount. Love that! The flexibility also gives me the time to devote to my personal passion: leading classes for home-schoolers so they can hang out with other kiddos their own age. I’m a home-school mom myself, so I know how important it is for them to engage with other children.  

4. Learn new skills & create a new future

Now I’m driving my career forward, and I know you can do it, too. Learn new skills across multiple disciplines or create your own personalized career path in tax and accounting. Want to earn your enrolled agent credential and become a tax expert? You can do that at Intuit, too.

If you’re ready to elevate your career and move into a tax or accounting position, Intuit has opportunities for you. You can tackle a wide range of challenging issues while getting the benefits and flexibility you deserve. Learn more about our expert careers opportunities.