Intuit Ventures text in white over a blue gradient background.

How Intuit Ventures is scaling to support startups

Intuit Ventures is ramping up with new hires and two new investments as it builds a corporate venture capital fund…

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In their own words: Intuit TurboTax Live Tax Experts share their experiences and their stories

Intuit sat down with TurboTax Live Tax Experts to discover what drives them to do what they do.

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Doing my best work as a software engineer while living my best life

Software engineer Matteo Ciccozzi chronicles his experience with Intuit from a career fair in college to how he's growing in…

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Five Indian tech professionals collaborate on a project around a computer.

Building a true platform culture to solve customer problems

Anandhi Krishnaswamy, Vice President of Product Development at Intuit, discusses the takeaways that guided her team and can help other…

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A brunette tech worker in her 20s smiles while looking at her tablet in an industrial chic open office setting. Next to her a young, Black man with short braids works at his computer.

Top 3 career tips from one of Intuit’s design leaders

As part of our job readiness program, Cesar Villegas- VP of Design at Intuit, imparted some career advice during a…

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A woman and man sit on the couch with an open laptop while looking a a phone.

Intuit is helping taxpayers take control of their finances in 2023

A new tax season is here, and with it, changes to tax deductions, credits, rules, and deadlines. With the right…

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Three diverse technologists collaborate at a computer.

5 tech trends Intuit leaders are watching in 2023

Heading into the new year, Intuit’s technology experts share their points of view on the innovations set to take off…

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A diverse group of people on stage with a background reading, "Technology as an innovative catalyst for people with disabilities.:

Why accessibility matters—and how to make it work

Accessibility in innovation should be top of mind for present-day developers. 

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