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Doing my best work as a software engineer while living my best life

Software engineer Matteo Ciccozzi chronicles his experience with Intuit from a career fair in college to how he's growing in…

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Five Indian tech professionals collaborate on a project around a computer.

Building a true platform culture to solve customer problems

Anandhi Krishnaswamy, Vice President of Product Development at Intuit, discusses the takeaways that guided her team and can help other…

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Four engineers pose for a photo at the Intuit campus wearing dark blue shirts with the GED logo.

How a week to pursue passion projects leads to innovative solutions

What happens when you give all your technologists a week to experiment, collaborate, and release their inner engineers? Anything.

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The orange Argo cartoon octopus is smiling and wearing a graduation hat, in front of text that says "The Graduation"

Open Source at Intuit: Celebrating the Argo Project’s CNCF Graduation to Mainstream Adoption

There was big news today in the open source world. I’m honored to announce that the Argo Project, one of…

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German Flores, an Intuit software engineer smiles for the camera against a white background

How this software engineer turned his passion project into a new customer innovation

German Flores, one of our software engineers, is super excited about a side project he’s continuing to develop. Learn more…

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Intuit Prosperity Accelerator AI Launch

Introducing the Second Cohort of the Intuit Prosperity Accelerator: AI

Following the recent launch of Intuit Ventures, we’re further evolving the company’s strategy to drive future innovations by supporting early…

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Blaine Bertsch

A Look into the Intuit Prosperity Accelerator with Alumni & Dryrun CEO Blaine Bertsch

As the Intuit Prosperity Accelerator goes into its second year, many passionate leaders and founders of startups have come out…

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Intuit employees working through a rapid experiment

Why Rapid Experimentation Helps You Deliver True Customer Benefits

At Intuit, each and every employee is expected to think like an entrepreneur. It’s everyone’s job to create, to invent,…

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