Global Engineering Days: the heartbeat of Intuit’s innovation culture

More than 7,000 technologists join biannual week-long code-a-thon to turn aspirations into innovative solutions for 100 million consumer and small business customers

Intuit’s Global Engineering Days (GED)—a week-long code-a-thon that brings together technologists from all corners of the globe—has long been a driving force behind the company’s mission to power prosperity for millions of consumer and small business customers. The May 2024 proved to be a powerhouse of creativity and innovation, marking the highest participation ever for Intuit’s global tech community who gathered to “Build our Next Chapter” at Intuit.

Intuit CTO Alex Balazs welcomed the team to “build all day, experiment rapidly, and move with velocity” on Day 1 of the event.

More than 7,000 engineers across 16 locations (Atlanta, Bengaluru, Boise, Charlotte, Culver City, Edmonton, London, Mountain View, New York, Oakland, Plano, San Diego, Sydney, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Woodland Hills) stepped away from their day-to-day work to experiment and solve key customer problems with new product enhancements, reduce technical complexity, learn a new technology or tool, find new ways to use Intuit’s platform capabilities, and much more. And, of course, have fun.

Altogether, technologists took on more than 2,700 projects (more than 900 built using generative AI technology) and proudly showcased their results in more than 700  “gallery walk” demos at week’s end.

“It’s amazing to see all the innovation at so many levels. Love the inclusion of AI more than ever before, and I truly believe we can make every day be like GED.”

Alex Balazs, Intuit CTO

Putting GED solutions into the hands of customers 

Over the years, hundreds of GED projects have led to new product features and productivity-enhancing tools. For example:

  • TurboTax Dynamic Translator applies natural language processing to dynamically translate TurboTax into Spanish. It can be used to translate products into other languages, and it has changed Intuit’s translation process.
  • Trips Live Activity enables iPhone users to track their business miles and tax deductions easily by displaying mileage info on the iPhone without having to open QuickBooks.
  • Personalized In-Product Discovery Messages help marketers, experts, and agents find the best wording to put in front of customers, using customer behavior and AI-driven insights to generate pertinent messaging within the product experience.

Central to our mission: building like it’s GED every single day 

Although GED May 2024 has come to a close, our vibrant global tech community is building like it’s GED every day. To fuel consumer and small business financial success, they’re doubling down on our commitment to build AI-native “done for you” experiences, with speed and at scale. 

We’re excited to see the momentum continue!