Intuit and Proper Financial logos side-by-side

Intuit acquires IP and hires talent from Proper Finance

Intuit announced today it has acquired intellectual property and hired the team from Proper Finance to join its Fintech &…

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Intuit Assist

Introducing Intuit Assist

The Generative AI-Powered Financial Assistant for Small Businesses and Consumers

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Two women working on a table together.

Empowering Small Businesses in Our Backyard

The Intuit IDEAS program will help diverse local area small businesses accelerate growth and scale

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Woman working behind desk.

Consumer Data Right (CDR) reform presents limitless opportunities for Australia’s small businesses

A smart, risk-based approach that considers the needs of small businesses is critical to ensuring CDR lives up to its…

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Brunette man with hat sits behind counter in restaurant.

Atlanta chef crafts a culture of respect

Jarrett Stieber, a chef and business owner in Atlanta, Georgia, fights burnout by creating a work environment built on appreciation…

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Volunteer handing bowl to group of three people gathered around a table

Scaling the Adopt a Small Business program

Thanks to employee volunteers and small business owners around the world, Adopt a Small Business has grown from an in-person…

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Building wealth over looking rich online with The Millennial CPA

As a part-time hula hooper, dog walker, and accountant, Kim Liao knows the value of hustle. Now the social media…

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A brunette woman in a blue sweather speaks at a conference wearing a headset mic.

A London-based accountant rides the wave of digital transformation

As the managing director of Majors Accounts in the UK, Eriona Bajrakurtaj embraced financial technology to capitalize on the government's…

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