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The World’s Greatest Dads According to the Experts…Kids!

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This Father’s Day, to celebrate all of the amazing hard work, love, and support that goes into being a great father, we polled our Intuit family around the world, asking kids, “what does your dad do that makes him the greatest?”

From mastering dad humor to being a stellar negotiator…or even a penguin, the responses were heartwarming and very entertaining, to say the least. Thanks to all the dads out there, from the Intuit family (and our kids).

Shankar Venkatraman

Senior Product Designer
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

“Haha, don’t ask me why I’m a penguin! She thinks penguins are the coolest animal in the world and her life’s aim is to become one. She doesn’t know how things work and that’s ok.

Damion Wright

Senior Sales Leader – US Sales, Early Career & Diversity Programs
Denver, Colorado, United States

“Our dad is the greatest because he is very supportive, handles situations tactfully, and is extremely hard working.”

John Li

Global Web Marketing Leader
Mountain View, California, United States

“My dad is the greatest because he is always willing to read whichever book I want and as many books as I want.”

James Dutczak

Development Manager
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“My dad is the greatest because he’s always helping me out with hard things to do, like homework, and I really appreciate that and also because he’s always in a good mood when I’m around.”

Sundar Balasubramanian

Director – Product Management, QB Desktop, QBO Advanced
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

“My dad is the greatest because he always explains something to me during our cycle rides every day. It’s now become our little tradition where I bug him with a new topic every day and he explains patiently through his mask! One of the recent such topics was how Jeff Bezos started Amazon and the concept of network effects.”

Jason Todd

Digital Content Manager
San Diego, California, United States

“My dad is the greatest because he says the most hilarious and random things — he’s a big goofball. I’ll give you an example. His name is Doug, and ever since I was a kid, he would always say, ‘you know that my name backwards is Guod (said like gūd)? Do you know why that is? It’s because I’m a really guod guy!’ Then, he would always follow up with an emphatic, ‘HA!’ He’s always very pleased with his corny dad jokes, which honestly just make them even more funny.”