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Serving the community with job creation

One of our core company goals is to make a difference in the communities we serve. As a result, job creation is integral to our unwavering commitment to helping people prosper today and in the future.


Empowering prosperity in the communities we serve

Talent is dispersed equally, but opportunity is not. Rapid technological, environmental, and societal shifts are driving rising inequality in communities across the globe. This is causing the need for job creation in many communities today.

Intuit’s Prosperity Hub Program works to address these challenges through job creation in underserved communities. Prosperity Hubs are designed to spark economic prosperity through physical and virtual call centers and provide an economic boost for those living in these communities. The program’s initial launch targets specific underserved locations to build job growth and spark community economic growth.


in payroll payments to virtual jobs in underserved communities

18,217 Jobs in FY23

total seasonal and year-round virtual jobs created in underserved communities since FY17

$195.7 M in FY23

economic impact from jobs created

Employee Story 1

What you are seeing is a generational breakdown of families in these communities. One of the biggest challenges is that kids are leaving because they can’t stay and grow their careers due to limited opportunities.

Mark Notarainni Executive Vice President and General Manager, Consumer Group

Expanding our Prosperity Hub Program strategy

  • United States: Bluefield, West Virginia; Hazard, Kentucky; Johnstown, Pennsylvania; Lawton, Oklahoma; Morristown, Tennessee; Wise, Virginia
  • Canada: Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada 
  • United Kingdom: Newcastle, Kingston, UK
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Virtual Expert Network

The Virtual Expert Network is a key way we deliver on our strategy to be a global AI-driven expert platform, foster our mission of powering prosperity, and create new career possibilities in underserved communities.

One of the biggest challenges facing our millions of global customers is the confidence they have in the financial decisions they make. We’re solving this problem by building a worldwide network of experts who provide one-on-one support for customers. This growing network of virtual experts, which includes our Customer Success support teams, are employed by either Intuit or trusted partners.

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Corporate responsibility reports

These reports highlight our commitment to powering prosperity in the communities in which we work and live. Each annual corporate responsibility report is available below.