It’s about the powerful combination of our products and our expertise. Through that, we help build financial capability and economic opportunities in underserved communities.

We donate Intuit’s tax and small business accounting software products to nonprofits and small business training partners. We support community organizations with the tools they need to help those who need it most. And we manage their own finances so they can continue doing the great work they do.

In Intuit’s fiscal year 2017, Intuit and its philanthropic entities provided:

  • $42 million total value of Intuit QuickBooks and TurboTax product donations, an increase of 20 percent from $34.8 million in fiscal year 2016
  • 3,000 QuickBooks training licenses to local small business development organizations

Intuit Financial Freedom Foundation


The Intuit Financial Freedom Foundation (IFFF) has been helping lower-income taxpayers, individuals, small businesses, and the nonprofits that serve them since 2002. The foundation works through public-private partnerships between Intuit and community-based organizations, government agencies, nonprofits, and public officials.

The IFFF specializes in donating online tax preparation and electronic filing services to eligible Americans. Our online tax preparation and electronic filing services program served as the model for the IRS Free File program, a public-private partnership between the IRS and an alliance of more than a dozen tax software companies. Intuit has donated more than 35 million tax returns to Free File. The IFFF has also provided more than $16 million to industry trade groups, local IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance programs, community-based organizations, and national tax assistance associations. These donations help people learn about and access free tax preparation and filing. Each year, Intuit employees in California, Arizona, and Virginia volunteer at events to help taxpayers use our TurboTax donations through Free File. In 2017 alone, Intuit donated 2.3 million federal and state returns to lower income taxpayers through the IRS and state Free File programs.



We donate tax and small business accounting software to nonprofits and small business training partners. In 2017, Intuit served 32,000 non-profits through employee and corporate giving. Our efforts gave vital community organizations the tools they need to help people in need. These organizations also manage their own finances with Intuit donations. It’s yet another way that we connect with those we serve.



Intuit provides specially-priced QuickBooks software and curriculum materials to accredited K-12 schools, colleges, and universities. Whether students want to become accountants, bookkeepers, or entrepreneurs, the Intuit Education Program is there to help. In fiscal year 2017 alone, 1,500 professors taught 61,000 students our QuickBooks and Pro Tax products.