Intuit focuses on sustainability in the places we work, in the products we make and in the way we live our lives. This is important for operational efficiency, attracting and retaining employees, and strengthening our shareholder value. We have charted an ambitious path toward becoming the most environmentally sustainable company we can be.

To learn more, click to download Intuit's FY18 CSR Report.

2018 by the numbers


Renewable energy usage company-wide


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Operating Responsibly

As we’ve expanded our corporate presence around the world, we’ve made strides in promoting sustainability both at our work sites and in communities across the globe. Most notably, we have achieved carbon neutrality for our worldwide operations since 2015 through a three-pronged strategy of boosting energy efficiency internally, investing in renewable energy, and buying carbon offsets.

Offsetting our Footprint

Our strategy to reduce carbon emissions focuses first on using less energy. Then we look for cleaner alternatives to the energy we do use. Lastly, we offset the emissions we have not been able to eliminate by supporting projects that prevent the release of greenhouse gases.

Employee Engagement

Intuit employees are driven by a passion to change the world, and their efforts expand our sustainability outreach to local communities. Every Intuit office has an active Green Team that provides educational outreach, volunteer cleanup opportunities and local programs.

FY18 Corporate Social Responsibility Report


The following report highlights commitment to powering prosperity in the communities in which we work and live. This report focuses on our philanthropic efforts, social impact projects, and work in protecting the planet.


Download Intuit’s FY18 CSR Report

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