Respecting our Planet


We strive to be a truly responsible corporate citizen. That starts with respect. Respect for all people. For the laws of the countries in which we operate. For the earth that we all share. We demonstrate that respect every day through multiple programs and internal practices.

We strive to be a truly good corporate citizen. This includes making our world a better place by protecting our environment.

Since 2007 our employees have worked to protect our environment. This is when our first green teams were formed. One decade later, Intuit is a leader in sustainability, not just because it is something companies are expected to do, but because our values drive us to continuously make the world a better place.

As we grow our presence around the world, we promote sustainability both at our work sites and in communities across the globe. We have achieved carbon neutrality for our worldwide operations since 2015. We focus on three things. Boosting energy efficiency internally. Investing in renewable energy. Buying carbon offsets. 

We’re on track for 50 percent carbon reduction by 2025, and 100 percent renewable energy-powered by 2030. Doing less bad just won’t do.