About the program

The Gurukul program is an initiative from Intuit to alleviate poverty in a sustainable and scalable manner in India.

The comprehensive 90 day program, is aimed at developing job readiness for underprivileged young men and women through skill development and industry exposure. Post the program, employment opportunities are provided in different industries such as beauty, BPO, BFSI BPO, electrical, plumbing and driving. Facilities such as accommodation, food, training and placements for students are provided, free of cost.

Till date, Intuit India has impacted the lives of around 235 students, who have successfully graduated from the Gurukul program.

Sunil Kumar's Success Story

Sunil Kumar, from Chikmagalur comes from a family of 4. His father is a farmer and mother is a homemaker. Sunil had to discontinue his studies to take care of his sick mother and later due to his family’s financial situation leading to him looking for a job to support his family instead.


He came to Bangalore in this pursuit and found it difficult to succeed because he lacked good communication skills and academic education. Following this, he then enrolled in Intuit’s Gurukul project through references & SHG to upskill himself


Sunil has been able to acquire communication skills and learn from other job related courses within our training program. He has subsequently found a job post an assessment. His future aspirations include taking care of his family and clear all their financial debts. He wants to continue his studies and complete his master course.


Sunil shares, “I have faced a lot of problems in my family, and I have experienced things that many others haven’t. When I think of that, I feel blessed and that helps me see the brighter side of life right now. Thank you Intuit.”

Key facts about the program

Hear from our employees, who have helped transform lives

The feeling of helping someone achieve and be something in life is difficult to put into words. But Manoshi Mukherjee Ghosh was up to the task.
My nanny, Sujata Paik, who takes care of my baby, lost her husband a couple of years ago. As a result, her son who was based out of a village in Kolkata could not continue his education and had to drop out. However, he was interested in being an electrical mechanic and therefore started learning on his own. When the Gurukul project came up, I recommended his name for the Electrical course.

He completed his training with flying colors and was rated amongst the top 3 in his batch. He recently got a job as a contractor with Infosys in Chennai where he works as an electrician.

To quote him - “This is the best thing that could have happened to me. I want to work hard and make sure that I get my license so that I can support my mother and build our lives again."

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