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What is Intuit Again?

Most technologists on a career break find it difficult to return to the workforce. With Intuit Again, it doesn’t have to be. Intuit Again is a back to work program through which technologists can get back to the workforce, regain their confidence, rebuild their careers and make an impact while working with one of the best companies to work for in India.


Launched in 2015, this 6-month paid returnship program is where you get to enhance your skills by working on some of the latest technology while delivering meaningful impact to our customers. Supported by a dedicated program team comprising of leaders, program managers and fellow returnees, Intuit Again is designed to be a pathway for you to reignite your career

Looking to go back to work? Hear our interns to make that move.

Program Benefits

Our mission is powering prosperity around the world.

• Get up-to-speed with one-on-one mentoring

• Work on real projects and create impact as you intern

• Leverage career development programs and leadership chats to upgrade tech skills

• Get support of your co-joiners while you rebuild together

• Participate in on boarding boot camps to learn what’s new in tech

• Get to onboard as a full-time employee on successful completion of the program

Why return with Intuit?

  • Everyone innovates
  • Empowering You
  • Modern. Fun. Bold.
Meaningful work and impact

Meaningful work and impact

Through our flagship products QuickBooks, Turbo Tax and Mint, Intuit powers prosperity for over 50 million customers. Right from the day you join, you get exposed to advanced technologies like AI, Machine Learning, Springboot, AWS, concepts of big data etc. and learn how we help our customers achieve financial freedom.
Diverse and Inclusive Work Culture

Diverse and Inclusive Work Culture

At Intuit, we celebrate diversity in our talent and value inclusion and encourage you to bring your whole self to work. No matter where you come from or who you have worked for, you would be welcomed by a perfect nurturing environment to thrive and do the best work of your life.
Undisputed Award-Winning Workplace

Undisputed Award-Winning Workplace

Our environment creates a strong, successful, and sensitized workplace that understands the importance of work-life flexibility because we want all our employees to be the best versions of themselves at work and beyond for their loved ones.

Here’s some of the experiences shared by our previous interns.

  • Chitra Karthik Chadalavada

    Software Engineer 2, Bengaluru

    “Had almost given up hopes of rebuilding my career after a 3-year career gap. Thanks to the upskilling and mentoring sessions from HR, Manager and co-interns. A complete package of self-discovery that helped me get out of my fears I had before.”

  • Ranjita Nayak

    Software Engineer 2, Bengaluru

    “Intuit Again not only welcomes you to the second innings of your tech career but also ensures the transition back is seamless. Exposure to new technologies like AWS, and the opportunity to drive the development of a QuickBooks Inventory feature as an intern was rewarding.”

  • Supriya Panneerselvam

    Software Engineer 2, Bengaluru

    “Getting back on track with confidence was the best thing that ever happened to me here. Worked on big data concepts like Hive, Data lake, Apache Atlas that overwhelmed me once. Definitely, a new path forward”.

  • Deepthi Purayil

    Software Engineer 2, Bengaluru

    “My returnship program was no less than a full-time role. I worked on tech stacks like Springboot, AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, ArGoCD- all of which help customers prosper. Intuit’s inclusive and diverse work culture helped me chart my career path once again.”

  • Varika Goel

    Senior Software Engineer, Bengaluru

    “Innovation is the key; at Intuit we live by it. During my internship, I got to innovate on a new tech stack launched by Android. That opportunity gave me the power to plunge back again without any self doubt.”

  • Uma Kala

    Software Engineer 2, Bengaluru

    “After being away from work for almost 2 years and having a toddler at home, I felt getting back to work would be challenging. With Intuit Again, I never had to choose between my family and work. It couldn’t be better.”

Key Intuit India Diversity Milestones.

We're honored to be recognized as one of the top tech companies to work for
  • Top 25 India’s Best Workplaces for Women, Economic Times, 2019

  • Ranked as India’s Top 3 companies to work for,3 years in a row, Economic Times

  • Sasan Goodarzi, #1 Best CEOs for Diversity 2019, Comparably

  • Curious to know what sets Intuit Again apart? Key achievements of our program -
    Completed 5th anniversary in India in 2019
    Close to 80% of our interns got converted as employees
    Recognized as one of the Best Returnee Programs from Jobs for Her, 2019
    Work life balance that suit your needs & your family's

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Intuit Again?

    Intuit Again is a talent enhancement program for returning technologists who wish to come back to work after a break in their career due to important life events and responsibilities.

  • What is the duration of the program?

    6 months.

  • What kind of work will I be doing?

    We have an extensive list of skills that we are currently interested in, including development, data engineering and many others depending on your previous background and experience.

  • Will this be a full-time role during the 6-month?

    Yes, those joining Intuit for the returnship will do so at a full-time capacity.

  • Will I get paid during this period?

    Yes, there will be a fixed stipend paid every month.

  • Do I need to have any specific qualifications to be considered as a candidate?

    Any bachelor's degree or master's degree in engineering/computer applications with a minimum of 4+ years’ work experience and a minimum of 6 months break from the workplace

See yourself at Intuit

Program Location

Intuit India Product Development Centre Private Limited
Campus 8, Pritech Park SEZ
Sarjapur Outer Ring Road,
Bellandur Village
Bengaluru - 560 103,
Karnataka, India

Ph: +91-80-4176-9200 | Fax: +91-80-4176-9218