Written By Alex Balazs Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Alex Balazs is Intuit’s Chief Technology Officer, where he oversees Intuit’s technology strategy and leads Intuit’s product and platform engineering, data science, information technology, and information security teams worldwide, harnessing advanced technology that helps power prosperity for our customers and partners around the world. He is the key driver of Intuit’s strategy to be the global AI-driven expert platform.

Having joined Intuit in 1999 as a senior software engineer, Alex has worked in almost every part of Intuit’s technology organization. Prior to his role as CTO, he was Intuit’s Chief Architect and leader of the Platform Acceleration Group, architecting the development of GenOS, Intuit’s generative AI operating system. He also led Intuit Futures, an organization that explores applying tomorrow’s technology to create breakthrough solutions for customers. As Chief Architect, Alex led successful efforts to accelerate developer velocity by expanding and improving Intuit’s platform technology so developers can build world-class innovations with speed.

Prior to Intuit, Alex held engineering roles at Light Lab Imaging and ZEISS Medical Technologies. He holds a BSME degree from Kettering University.

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