Brunette man with hat sits behind counter in restaurant.

Atlanta chef crafts a culture of respect

Jarrett Stieber, a chef and business owner in Atlanta, Georgia, fights burnout by creating a work environment built on appreciation…

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Building wealth over looking rich online with The Millennial CPA

As a part-time hula hooper, dog walker, and accountant, Kim Liao knows the value of hustle. Now the social media…

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A brunette woman in a blue sweather speaks at a conference wearing a headset mic.

A London-based accountant rides the wave of digital transformation

As the managing director of Majors Accounts in the UK, Eriona Bajrakurtaj embraced financial technology to capitalize on the government's…

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A black man in a button down shirt smiles at his wife while drinking coffee outside.

Mobile home flipping leads to shared prosperity

Cedric Utley and his wife Ria took control of their financial life through products like Credit Karma. Now, as the…

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A young man stands in front of a red brick wall with a chef apron on and a sharpened cleaver.

Carving out a niche: from frustrated cook to happy knife sharpener

During the pandemic, Michael Behn shifted his career focus from aspiring chef to knife sharpener and has never been happier.

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In their own words: UK small businesses and accountants share their advice for policymakers

Intuit surveyed SME owners and accountants and asked them to share their advice to policymakers regarding challenges they face, resources…

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30 Black-owned businesses to shop at

To increase visibility, we've created a list of Black-owned small businesses you can support and shop at during and after…

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A man wearing sunglasses and a white apron molds clay on a potters wheel with finished vases and bowls in the background.

Living beyond your challenges with the DeafBlind Potter

When Kelvin Crosby got back on the pottery wheel for the first time in four years, it was to heal.…

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