Our Mission


Our comprehensive Corporate Responsibility (CR) strategy builds upon the collective strengths of our people, our products and our partners as a good corporate citizen to power prosperity in communities around the world. We are establishing bold long-term goals that directly leverage our firm’s worldwide presence, talent, and resources.  

Diversity and Inclusion

We believe the ability to power prosperity starts with having a world-class company culture, where the world’s top talent can do the best work of their lives. Our teams should reflect the richness of life experiences, demographics, choices and backgrounds of our customers. By building a diverse team — from the front line to our board of directors — we bring a wide range of ideas to the table to exceed our customer expectations.



Intuit Education

Intuit Education is here to help students and educators develop the next generation of entrepreneurs and accountants with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed through financial and career readiness programs and partnerships.




Environmental Sustainability


Intuit focuses on sustainability in the places we work, in the products we make and in the way we live our lives. This is important for operational efficiency, attracting and retaining employees, and strengthening our shareholder value. We have charted an ambitious path toward becoming the most environmentally sustainable company we can be.