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Climate Positive program

In an effort to take more meaningful action against climate change, Intuit has committed to reducing two million metric tons (MT) of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions by 2030, outside our own operational footprint. Moving beyond our own organization, our Climate Positive program uses our scale and resources to maximize our impact by empowering our employees, customers and community climate action partners to join us in taking action that not only reduces emissions, but results in tangible socioeconomic benefits to underserved communities.


Our climate action partners

Achieving our Climate Positive goal would not be possible without our community partners. Since 2020, Intuit has partnered with organizations to drive meaningful climate action and reduce emissions beyond our value chain.

Renewably powering prosperity

One of the key ways we’re addressing our two million metric tons goal is by accelerating the adoption and access to renewable energy and career pathways that come with it. By investing in the equitable deployment of promising sustainable solutions like solar energy, we can help foster a decarbonization transition that centers both economic and environmental resilience.

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Coalfield Solar Fund

In 2023, Intuit launched the Coalfield Solar Fund, one of our most innovative programs to date. This effort builds on the initial success of our school-top solar project with Secure Solar Futures in Wise, Virginia—the location of one of Intuit’s Prosperity Hubs. The Coalfield Solar Fund is a multi-year incentive grant program, led as a collaboration between Intuit, Secure Solar Futures, and The NEED Project, which provides grant funds to make it easier for public K-12 schools and community colleges in the coalfield regions of Virginia and West Virginia to install solar panels on campus roofs with no upfront investment. In alignment with Intuit's job readiness program, the initiative also provides local workforce development pathways via solar apprenticeships, hands-on training, and direct experience in the fields of clean energy, solar, and STEM for high school students. The forward-looking curriculum, dubbed “Throwing Solar Shade,” not only prepares graduating students for potential careers in clean energy and an understanding of climate science, it also arms them with valuable training in Intuit’s Design for Delight methodology. 

Coalfield solar fund
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Much of my family has been in the coal industry for generations. As we continue to shift away from fossil fuels, there's a need to build a bridge between our community and the fastest growing renewable energy source on the planet -- solar energy. The Coalfield Solar Fund is not only about getting solar on rooftops and opening up new career pathways, it’s about ensuring that our community can play a key part in the transition to 21st century energy technology.

Matthew McFadden Business Development Manager, Secure Solar Futures

GRID Alternatives

GRID Alternatives provides no-cost solar systems and installations for qualifying low-income households in addition to providing hands-on solar career training Intuit’s partnership with GRID Alternatives not only curbed significant greenhouse gas emissions, it also provided over a dozen households with no-cost solar panels that will amount to an estimated savings of over $350,000 on electricity bills over the lifetime of the solar panels. Additionally, the partnership enabled individuals to complete GRID’s solar installation workforce development training program, which trains individuals from a range of backgrounds in solar skill sets by providing them with the unique opportunity to participate in the installation process from start to finish. GRID Alternatives is also committed to making these training opportunities inclusive of groups that are traditionally underrepresented in solar including women, people of color, and those impacted by the criminal justice system. These participants now have the professional skills they need to succeed in a rapidly growing industry and power their own prosperity.

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Tribal Solar Accelerator Fund (TSAF)

Intuit partnered with TSAF, the Tribal Solar Accelerator Fund, which is part of GRID Alternatives, focused on building Indigenous energy sovereignty through solar adoption, fellowships, grants, and solar workforce development and training. Native American communities have historically lacked access to reliable energy sources, and by directly funding renewable energy projects, this program is able to support a transition to energy sovereignty. Intuit’s grant was awarded to the Big Pine Paiute Tribe, located near Bishop, California, and was installed on a community building in summer 2023.

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Since 2021, Intuit has partnered with Clearloop, a Nashville-based carbon solutions provider accelerating decarbonization and expanding access to clean energy in U.S. communities, including areas near Intuit Prosperity Hub locations. Intuit’s support helped make possible the construction of a solar project in Jackson, Tennessee, that became operational in September 2022. To date, the project has already prevented 2 million pounds of carbon from entering the atmosphere and is on track to reclaim 60 million pounds of CO2 over its lifetime operation. 

Clearloop Students viewing solar panels

The Farmlink Project

The Farmlink Project was founded by a group of college students during the COVID-19 pandemic and connects farmers with food banks with the goal of reducing food waste and combating food insecurity. Food that is not properly composted emits methane into the atmosphere, a harmful greenhouse gas that is eighty-one times more potent than carbon dioxide. To help eliminate food waste and combat climate change, Intuit partnered with The Farmlink Project on a Los Angeles-focused project to fund the redirection of soon-to-be-wasted food from landfills to community partners, including schools in Los Angeles. The project prevented over 3 million pounds of food from being wasted and instead provided over 2.5 million meals, moved by Farmlink’s on-the-ground partners like Food Forward Los Angeles.

Farmlink Project Cofounders

Community climate action in Los Angeles, California

Ahead of opening the Intuit Dome in 2024, the future home of the LA Clippers, we've been focused on building our climate action partnerships in the Los Angeles region.

Intuit Dome


Intuit partnered with TreePeople and the LA Clippers on a project to plant 710 trees in Inglewood, near Intuit Dome. Adequate green space and trees provide a myriad of positive health and environmental benefits that are often scarce in urban and underserved areas. The project’s goal is to advance shade equity by bringing cooling shade, providing additional green space, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 


Corporate responsibility reports

These reports highlight our commitment to powering prosperity in the communities in which we work and live. Each annual corporate responsibility report is available below.

Environmental Disclosures

In addition to publishing our Corporate Responsibility Reports, Intuit also submits information to sustainability disclosure organizations.