Media Contacts

Press and Industry Analyst Relations Contacts

These numbers are for press and industry analyst relations only. All offices are in Mountain View, Calif., with the exception of TurboTax and Global offices in Canada, the U.K., Australia and India. For technical and product support, please refer to contact information on the product's Web site.


Intuit's media relations team provides assistance and information to journalists and editors. Journalists who need information or an interview with Intuit, can expedite their inquiry by providing details regarding their request in the Press Inquiry Form.


Rob Lanesey

Chief Communications Officer

650-944-3230 office


Corporate Public Relations

Acquisitions, Earnings, Executives, Strategy

Diane Carlini

Senior Manager

650-944-6251 office

408-921-7647 cell


Industry Analyst Relations

Corporate, Small Business, Consumer

Diane Carlini

Senior Manager

650-944-6251 office

408-921-7647 cell



Public Relations Hotline


Leave a voice mail message.


We will return your call within one business day.


Investor Relations Hotline



Product Communications

Small Business Ecosystem

Heather McLellan

Vice President

650-944-3501 office

650-387-2789 cell


Small Business Solutions

QuickBooks Products and Services

Stephen Sharpe

Senior Manager

650-224-2362 cell


Personal Finance Products


Kimmie Greene

Public Relations

650-944-4681 office

720-560-6628 cell



Ashley McMahon

Public Relations

858-215-9069 office

858-603-5593 cell


Accountant Segment

QuickBooks Accountant, QuickBooks Accountant Online, ProAdvisor Program

Danielle Ferris

Senior Manager

650-944-2391 office

650-279-5010 cell



Lacerte, ProSeries, ProConnect Tax Online

Stephanie Friswell


214-387-2958 office

469-734-8213 cell




Small Business and Accountant Products

Lisl Pietersz

Senior Manager

+1 61284049843 office




Small Business, Accountant Products, Payments

Ollie Stewart

UK Head of Communications

+44 (0) 20 7824 0177 office

+44 7425 582 948 cell




Small Business, Accountant Products, txtWeb, India Development Center

Samantha Unnikrishnan

Senior Manager

+91-80-41769200 office

+91-98-45754080 cell



Small Business and Corporate

Sarah Triantafillou

Senior Communications Manager




Julie Smithers

Senior Communications Manager

905-366-9603 office

416-508-7130 cell


Accountant and ProTax

Bryan Tritt

Communications Manager

905-366-9594 office

647-962-1751 cell



Kimmie Greene

Public Relations

650-944-4681 office

720-560-6628 cell