Employee Volunteer and Giving

Intuit supports employees' grassroots efforts to make positive change in their communities

Intuit's donation matching and employee volunteering programs grew directly out of the commitment that Intuit employees feel toward their own communities. In 1993, the entire company set aside a day to brainstorm about Intuit's vision and operating values. One of the values articulated in that discussion — "with our success comes the responsibility to give back to the community" — became the basis for donation matching and volunteering efforts at Intuit, which are known inside the company as the "We Care & Give Back" Program.

Facts at a Glance

  • Program: Employee giving and volunteering
  • Recipients: Most 501(c)(3) nonprofits
  • Process: Employees choose nonprofits (for donation matching); employees organize and lead projects and/or participate in their own volunteer efforts (for volunteering)
  • Provided: Donation matching; paid time off to volunteer

How Donation Matching Works

Intuit matches employees' donations up to $5,000 per active, regular Intuit employee per year. Employees can make matched donations to eligible 501(c)(3) nonprofits.

How Employees Choose Volunteer Projects 

Committees of Intuit employees choose and run volunteer projects that fall within Intuit's employee volunteering focus areas. Because a project needs an employee's commitment to be successful, the committees consider only projects nominated by employees. Intuit offers employees paid time off to volunteer on these projects.

Employee and Corporate Efforts

Through the employee giving and volunteering program, Intuit employees choose and contribute to a variety of nonprofit projects. In addition to supporting these efforts, Intuit works to make a lasting impact on social issues through its alliances with nonprofits.