Intuit's Alliances With Nonprofits

Intuit supports economic empowerment through alliances with nonprofits

In collaborative relationships with targeted nonprofits, Intuit provides corporate resources such as software, personnel, expertise and grants. 

How Intuit Chooses Nonprofits for Alliances

We develop alliances proactively and focus our funding on a few designated programs. This allows us to make a deeper and more lasting impact on targeted social issues. In choosing nonprofits for collaborative relationships, we look for innovative programs that are scalable and replicable at the national level and that have well-defined, measurable goals.
We cannot consider unsolicited grant proposals. 

Focus: Economic Empowerment

Focusing our nonprofit alliances on economic empowerment supports our goals of:

  • Cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit among small businesses in disadvantaged communities
  • Helping nonprofits do more with their resources
  • Encouraging financial literacy among people in need 

Who Benefits and How

In forming alliances, we focus on a few designated programs that we seek out proactively. Often, these alliances continue over several years. This allows us to make a deeper and more lasting impact on specific social issues. We cannot consider unsolicited proposals.

Typical Programs

Intuit supports economic empowerment through alliances with nonprofits in programs such as these:

  • Financial Literacy for Battered Women - To help battered women gain control of their financial lives and build better futures for themselves and their children, Intuit worked with the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the National Endowment for Financial Education to expand the Financial Literacy Project for Battered Women. This two-year program provides 150 domestic-violence agencies with training to start financial literacy programs.
  • Personal Finance for Teachers - To help teachers make sound financial judgments for themselves and to encourage them to build financial literacy into class curricula, Intuit has collaborated with the California Jump$tart Coalition and the Nasdaq Educational Foundation. Intuit and Nasdaq are jointly providing funding for this program for two years. California Jump$tart Coalition is creating and managing the program. The California Society of CPAs is providing financial literacy training for the program.
  • Small Business Rebuilding - Within two weeks of the 9/11 attacks, Intuit offered assistance in rebuilding New York small businesses, including:
    • Providing grants, technical assistance and new software to QuickBooks users affected by the attacks
    • Making a cash grant and donating software to the New York State Small Business Development Center
    • By collaborating with the New York State SBDC, Intuit was able to contribute to assisting 12,500 small business owners and saving 1,300 New York City jobs.

Facts at a Glance 

  • Program: Collaborative alliances with selected nonprofits
  • Focus: Encourage and sustain economic empowerment
  • Recipients: Individual people and small businesses (through nonprofits)
  • Application: Intuit proactively chooses nonprofits for alliances
  • Provided: Product donations, personnel, expertise, grants

Research Shows...

That one of the major reasons why women and children stay in violent homes is economic dependence.

Applying Our Resources 

Through alliances with specifically targeted nonprofits, Intuit provides software, volunteer time, grants and other corporate resources. Our funding is through The Intuit Foundation.